Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 36 (Plus Secret Wars Pull List!)

Week of May 6, 2015. (Apologies for the delay–we ended up needing to reshoot for reasons† of things and stuff.)

In which there are both secrets and wars.


  • Wolverines #17 (1:46)
  • *Secret Wars #1 (3:51)

*Pick of the Week (8:20)

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  1. It figures that the podcast episodes would just escape the Secret Wars II crossovers right at the time the review videos start covering Secret Wars. Hopefully this new event is more enjoyable.

    I was hoping you’d address the “POP” noise Nightcrawler made when teleporting. What’s up with that? The fastball special with Colossus and Hulk was also cool. Lastly, thanks for pointing out the Phoenix egg…scene. To return the favor, I will mention how every character with a mouth agape due to shock or terror as drawn in this issue looks like they have sex doll mouths and lips. You’re welcome! 🙂

    1. Now in my personal head-canon: Cyclops was listening to Mantan Moreland’s party record right before the Incursion (or at least the Beastie Boys). Yes, Scott- the end of the world is that kind of party. Sorry there weren’t mashed potatoes…

  2. My panel of the week was the obituary. I know it’s a gimmick, but it still hit me in the feels.

    Also, good call on the comparison to Age of Apocalypse. Reality gets annihilated, we get weird stories for a while, and then we come back. Hopefully with more changes this time around.

  3. Just curious if you considered adding the Master of Kung-Fu Secret Wars tie-in to the list? While Shang Chi is the protagonist, it also features a handful of New Mutants and Morlocks — plus a Lockheed that looks like a Chinese dragon — for some inexplicable reason. I could not be more excited about it.

    1. We went back and forth – it does sound awesome, and you’re right that it features a few X-characters – but ultimately decided to be pretty hardline about what we’ll be reviewing and what we won’t simply so we can better focus on the most directly X-relevant stuff. That said, I suspect we’ll probably read it ourselves for exactly the reasons you described.

  4. I’m curious about (not) adding Siege to the list. I’t a team led by Abigail Brand, and includes Illiana Rasputin and an army of clones from Mr. Sinister called the Endless Summers. Anyway, I’m sure you will read it 🙂

    1. As we said in the video, the list we gave is titles that fall under the purview of the X-office / X-line, per our contact at Marvel. Other titles may make their way in, but this is what we’re treating as core.

      There are plenty of books that feature–or star–X-characters that are not X-books. See: A lot of Avengers. Gotta draw at least the initial line somewhere.

  5. In terms of awesome Secret Wars III tie in’s outside of X-Titles, ‘Captain America and the Mighty Avengers’ #8 has a brilliant appearance of “Dr. Peter Corbeau: Scientist, adventurer” being interviewed on TV (and the panel after that might be close to my “panel of the week” if it weren’t for page four of Secret Wars III #2.)

  6. But seriously…read Hickman’s run on Avengers and New Avengers. It often skirts the line between coherent and incomprehensible, but it’s all really fascinating.

    And no love for the shot of Sinister cackling madly with a cup of pristine cup of tea sitting next to him? That cracked me up.

  7. Ok so the Nation X and Phoenix egg stuff weren’t in a comic I somehow missed. Thank god…that was driving me crazy. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the reviews and for the pull list. It’s really helpful to know which stories are under the X-office, since there seem to be a few that may feature X-Men side characters. I was pleasantly surprised by Secret Wars #1 and really hope that the series/event is good/not too bad for the rest of the summer.

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