Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel Reviews the X-Men, Episode 38

Week of May 20, 2015 –

In which Miles takes a sick day, Dazzler gets her moment, and Earth 616 rumbles toward its inevitable demolition.

Uncanny X-Men #34 (0:25)
Wolverines #19 (1:53)

PICK OF THE WEEK: Mad Max: Fury Road (3:36)

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  1. Nicholas Hoult isn’t the only X-Men connection to Fury Road; Zoe Kravitz was Angel Salvadore in First Class.

    But, yeah, everyone should go see that movie.

  2. I won tickets to go see the movie and I had a BLAST(erm, no pun intended? There was much in the way of blasts), but your “I’m waiting” stare very nearly made me book tickets with my own money this time.

  3. Hey Rachel, nice job! I think you missed one thing from secret wars: A-force. While only Dazzler is one of the main characters, Storm, Rogue, Phoenix, Scarlet Witch, Firestar, and Jubilee are also featured. Aren’t these enough X-men characters? Also [SPOILER?], I’m pretty sure the mysterious new Singularity character (another main character seen at the end of issue 1) is none other than Kitty Pride, post-Black Vortex.

    1. Our choice of books is less about X-Men character quantity and more about X-men focus. A-Force does indeed have a ton of mutants, but it doesn’t seem to be about mutants or X-Men or their storylines.

      That said, it’s an awesome book that’s worth reading, and I really hope you’re right about Singularity!

      1. You’re right, it really wasn’t too X-men focused, asides from a bit of Dazzler action and minor Phoenix/Storm cameos… Hopefully that will change though because it really is my favourite Secret Wars story so far and more X-men inclusion could help. Thanks for the quick response and keep up the entertaining work! I’ve been following you two for the past couple of months and it’s been fun.

      2. In general, there are a lot of mutants floating around the Marvel Universe, period. We’ve established–repeatedly, and I think fairly clearly–that we’re not going to cover every title any X-character appears or cameos in; in the podcast or on the reviews.

        1. Just to be fair, Dazzler isn’t a cameo here and neither is Singularity (potentially also from X-men). That being said, I apologize for being irritating.

          1. Aaaand one last thing, I might be wrong about Singularity because I just googled around and it looks like the writers are making her a new character. Maybe they decided to only keep her in the “Star Lord & Kitty Pride” run for secret wars. Anyway, again, I didn’t mean to be annoying here so my bad!

          2. It’s not a big deal, and we really do appreciate people bringing cool stuff to our attention. But curation is something we put a lot of time and thought into, and it’s a process we try to discuss fairly openly; while we totally acknowledge that the “what counts as an X-book” lines we draw are super subjective, it’s frustrating when someone jumps in assuming that we’ve forgotten or overlooked a thing because we chose not to cover it.

            (Which, FWIW, happens a ton–I think you’re catching some spillover frustration from two weeks of nonstop “HEY YOU GUYS FORGOT TO COVER PETER CORBEAU IN MIGHTY AVENGERS” on the Twitter feed. Sorry!)

            1. I always find it funny when you have a guest star who has done significant work in a non-x-title and how long it takes me to grasp/come to terms with why you’re not devoting the entire episode to Kamala Khan, Kid Loki, or Batwoman. Might you know about any podcasts devoted to them so that I can get that fix?

    2. I don’t really want to participate in a non-X derailling here (although, obviously really I do, or I wouldn’t be writing this), but I am really hoping that America Chavez gets more to do than just get banished to “The Shield” (a Battleworld ersatz Night’s Watch, or execution, or what? There is a lot about what’s going on in Secret Wars that I don’t understand). If that’s the end of her, I’ll be pretty disappointed. She’s got a lot of potential as a character that I’d like to see someone post-Young Avengers do something with.

  4. I hope that even if you’re not covering Master of Kung Fu, you’re at least reading it. Whereas Shang-Chi is presumably the focus, it also seems to be quite New Mutantish. Haven’t yet read the original New Mutant run (although thanks to you guys, it’s on my list), so I don’t know if it’s similar enough. But do check it out.

  5. Rachel should have totally worn a fake beard to show solidarity with the ailing Miles.

    And Miles should wear shades if/when Rachel can’t do the show. Fair’s fair.

  6. Glad you highlighted Kris Anka this week, Rachel. He’s really great. Between Anka, Bachalo, and Irving, the art has been consistently wonderful this Uncanny volume. Hopefully it will look as good when they inevitably bring it back after Secret Wars.

  7. Rachel, I was curious to understand why you didn’t cover at least the Punisher/Dr. Strange story from Secret Wars: Battleworld #1. The resolution to that story was very much X-Men related, and I think lays down some pretty good story possibilities in the future Secret Wars X-men tie-ins. What do you think?

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