Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Miles Reviews the X-Men, Episode 45

Week of July 8, 2015:

In which Cassandra Nova is the stuff of nightmares, Inferno remains stellar, Age of Apocalypse is a blast from the past, and everything is late because Rachel is in Alaska (sorry!).


  • Age of Apocalypse #1 (0:39)
  • *Inferno #3 (3:22)
  • X-Men ’92 Infinite Comic #4 (5:28)
  • Alaska (10:29)

*Miles’s pick of the week (7:57)

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  1. Glad to see that Rachel is on top of the AoA Cypher history!

    I thought the AoA art style was more Joe Madeiura than Chris Bacchalo (and I’m pretty sure I mis-spelled one or both surnames there)

    1. I thought the same also, way more like Joe Mad (easier than spelling his actual name and his signature on art) than Bachalo.

  2. Looks like Rachel’s gone off to live happily ever after in Alaska…surely no editorial mandate could draw her back to co-lead the X-men(podcast)…or could it?

  3. 1. Excalibur t-shirt!

    2. Caption Rachel is back! I adore Caption Rachel! (I adore Real Rachel, too, but Caption Rachel is a fun and rare treat of which I’m equally fond.)

    1. Caption Rachel seems very much a Morrison concept; a mutant whose power to become an abstract entity means they can only interact with the real world by insterting text quotes into youtube videos!

      1. Ha! I was thinking more like Si Spurrier’s Forget-Me-Not than anything Morrison did, but point taken. Maybe Caption Rachel is a mutant with copycat abilities who’s simply watched too many episodes of Ghost Writer.

  4. Agreed that Inferno was excellent. As someone who started reading at Uncanny 269, and then started prowling backwards towards the original Inferno while X-Tinction Agenda was in the works, I felt like a kid again, turning the page onto (the new) Inferno’s double page spread of Illyana on a Kurt-Dragon, fighting EVERYONE—or the everyone I first met and tried to understand the relationships of when I was ten years old. It was such a treat to pore over that page, ID’ing them all.

  5. Rocky looks like an excellent pick of the week. Well played. If at all possible, please give him a high quality ear rub for me.

  6. I hope the Alaska vacation doesn’t involve getting kidnapped by the Shi’ar! Though Space Pirate Captain Rachel would be pretty amazing.

        1. Looks like it is, if you google

          alan davis excalibur poster

          and look for images, then the t-shirt image is in the first few results.

  7. Re: Age of Apocalypse. I just want to point this out as I don’t anyone else has caught this yet (at least not from what I’ve read). But given the Summers brothers are enforcers with other family /sibling groups like the Guthries, I was trying to pick out the other characters… So I guess you have the Bedlam brothers, maybe Husk somewhere (maybe), but then I saw almost blotted out by a caption box, a blond man on a red flying surfboard… It can only be Slipstream!! And presumably his sister Heather Cameron aka Lifeguard is on the team too?? Haha I only made this leap when you guys pointed out that Adam X must be Burner. Obscure late 90s earlier noughties characters to the fore!! Very much enjoying Secret Wars for this. Wonder if Sage will get squeezed in there too?

    More importantly though, I really, really want Miles’ classic Excalibur tshirt…!

  8. I don’t mean to harp on this, but, guys, the reader stand-in/exposition-justifier in Master of Kung-Fu is none other than a young Katherine Pryde. Will she learn the deadly hand-of-costume-switch technique? Only time will tell.

    I think that this may be really an x-book.

    1. It’s definitely more of a Iron Fist/Shang-Chi style Kung-Fu Book than an X-Book, but regardless it’s very good.

      Runaways also has some fun mutant tie-ins (Jubilee! Molly Hayes!) and continues to be a good time.

  9. Whenever anyone goes to Alaska I imagine it’s because they’re getting involved in some sort of noir mystery.

  10. Okay, I’m a tad behind on episodes apparently, but this has been my favorite. Sorry, Rachel, but your literary contribution to this episode has been your most hilarious yet. And Miles, you did a great job going “solo”. Maybe you could get your own solo series and then have it abruptly canceled when Marvel realizes that solo series don’t sell well if they don’t have Wolverine in the title.

  11. So, I’m finally reading Secret Wars tie-ins now that they’re being released in trade. I’m reading AoA and watching the reviews as I go…

    …how did you guys NOT mention that Nemesis sings a Lila Cheney song, says that he LOVED her third album, and then implies that he ATE (and presumably killed) her?!

    Secret Wars is crazy.

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