Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Announcing: Rose City Comic Con panel guests!


We are ever so pleased to announce our three guest X-Perts for tomorrow’s live RCCC episode:

Hailing from the pages of X-Men: First Class and Exiles–along with a slew of other superhero and creator-owned comics–Portland’s own Jeff Parker!

Crossing X-media, from animated series and feature films to comics; co-creator of X-23, and most recently, writer of Amazing X-MenChristopher Yost!

And finally: Writer, editor, journalist, and filmmaker; industry legend; long-time X-Men editor; and creator of Longshot–Annie Nocenti.


5 PM.

Panel Room 5.

Hope you survive the… you know.


(For more details on the panel and the rest of the stuff we’ve got going on at and around RCCC this weekend, click over here!)


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So excited!!!!

    By the way, is there going to be a way to get a hold of the R&M ‘zine if we’re not at Rose City?

    1. Right now, the best way to make sure to get a copy is probably to find someone to pick one up for you at the show. We’re still figuring out how / where to sell them online…

        1. That’ll probably happen eventually; but the zine is old-school paste-up, so it’ll take scanning and repaginating and digital touch-up and a lot of work we didn’t have time to do before the show.

    2. I’m picking up a ‘zine for one other community member already. If you’d like me to get one for you too, let me know and we’ll figure out how to get in touch over twitter or something so I can get details about sending it.

  2. Holy Crap in a hat! Jeff Parker! Can someone ask him why in all of Marvel’s recent stories about the collapse of the Multiverse, no one has talked about the Exiles? I loved his work on it, helped remove that bad taste left after Claremont took over.

  3. I know Miles would prefer to talk Longshot. And I know she’s more of a Daredevil character than X-Men. But I still want a solid hour of Nocenti on Typhoid Mary. Even if it only covered Typhoid’s Kiss, her main X crossover.

    I promise to be grateful for whatever I get. Also, Exiles! Yay!

    1. Oh CRAP, I read this post too late! I would like to ask you to ask Annie so many things about Longshot! Please, Miles, tell us soon your meeting with her!

      BTW, I personally think that the best Typhoid Mary arc is, without a doubt, “Typhoid” (Nocenti & Van Fleet, 1995).

      1. I just realized that there was also a Daredevil storyline called Typhoid’s Kiss. I meant the Marvel Comics Presents story where she teams up with Wolverine. Its at least marginally X-related. No, its not nearly as good as the watercolor miniseries, just closer to the heart of the podcast.

        1. You mean MCP #150-151? I like it very much, too, because of the story (Jessie and the abused women and so, it’s really interesting). My problem with this arc, and others, is that I can’t stand Steve Lightle drawing Typhoid the way he does: she seems sickening treacly to me. I rather like rough Fred Harper, who drawed the second issue.

  4. Wow. Guest list is epic.
    I wish I was there. I would love to ask Jeff Parker what his plans for the Exiles would be, had the title hadn’t been canceled too early on his run.

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