That’s… that’s quite a look, Horde. (Uncanny X-Men Annual #11)


  1. LAndrew says:

    So apparently when one acquires godlike power, they’re too good for stuff like clothes.

  2. em wilson says:

    LMFAO @ “Rule of the slopes…”

  3. Irving Velociratptor says:

    Even though Wolverine can regenerate from a single drop of blood, a power suspiciously similar to Lobo’s ability to create new Lobos from a each drop of blood, that doesn’t explain why he regenerates the non-organic adamantium in his skeleton.

  4. Adnor says:

    If your clothes are flying, don’t touch your body and don’t block anything do they still count as clothes?

    • Adnor says:

      Just look at him! You could still see his Man-Thing if you look at him from his side! His Flying Crotch-Shield doesn’t do anything!

  5. jpw says:

    Very Trumpian. Just give him a red hat. The excessive luck and inability for mind-powers to affect him only strengthen this theory.

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