Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 80 – For the Mutant Who Has Everything

Listen to the episode here.



  1. Is Wolverine staggering back to the mansion drunk in *heels*? It looks like it in that pic – and while I giggle at Wolvie feeling like he needs to make himself taller, I admire his “giving no fucks” about wearing them.

  2. Oh gosh, look at all that gorgeous Alan Davis art! Back issues of Excalibur were “my” X-Men x-perience growing up, and Alan Davis my definitive X-artist, and a big influence in general. Such curvy, smooth, beautiful linework! Such emoting and comedic timing! His work combined with Claremont’s humor and weirdness (and Claremont’s proclivity for having goofy stream of consciousness random-word-yelling) is So Good. I’d never seen their early teamwork on these Annuals before, it’s neat to see how it all started! Gosh, I’m excited for Excalibur.

    Also oh boy, Horde. He sure is…something. As much as I adore Davis, he sure did have a knack for some of the most fascinatingly outlandish and sometimes downright *awful* costume designs I’ve seen in cape comics.

  3. In UXM Annual #11, the panel with the summing-up… Has anyone noticed that Longshot is the only one of the team who is not saying nor thinking anything? 😛 WHAT has this experience meant to him?

    1. Seems apt, since he had really had no experience during this I’m not sure it meant anything to him, especially for a “live in the moment” sort of a guy he was in the X-Men

  4. Illyana’s costume kind of looks like the evil-ish version of something Kitty would wear which kind of makes me like it a little bit.

    1. OH MAN. How awesome would they be as the palette-swapped protagonists of a side-scrolling co-op beat ’em up?
      (Answer: SO AWESOME.)

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