Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 56

Week of September 30, 2015 –

In which we desperately wish there were more Inferno; Rachel is either too sober or not sober enough for E is for Extinction; and we PROMISE to to get these up on time next week.


  • *Inferno #5 (00:25)
  • E is for Extinction #4 (2:58)

*Pick of the Week (05:10)

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  1. Hey! I Surely did notice A Black Cat walking in the background! Must have Name, and Sex please. Oh, and unh, what about the Chance?

  2. Glad the Inferno tie-in turned out great! I was a big fan of the original, and it sounds like Dennis Hopeless did a good job of portraying her as the tragic villain Chris Claremont intended. As for E is For Extinction, I’ve yet to read the final issue, although I’ve seen a lot of varying opinions about it online… which makes sense, in a way, as Morrison’s ideas can sometimes be polarizing. I was actually just re-reading the final arc of New X-Men the other day, “Here Comes Tomorrow,” and enjoyed it quite a bit– even more so than the first time around– although I have to admit the ending was kind of difficult to understand at times!

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