Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men


Art by Brandon Graham
Art by Brandon Graham

Once upon a time (this past April), a few comics podcasters were joking around on Twitter.

“What if we took a cue from comics and did some kind of ridiculous crossover event?” someone asked.

“I’d do that,” someone else responded.

And then Al Kennedy started an e-mail thread.

Six months later, we are SUPER pleased to announce the first-ever SECRET CONVERGENCE ON INFINITE PODCASTS! SCOIP is a nine-show crossover event, spanning Fan Bros Show; Into It; SILENCE!; Less than Live; Journey into Misery; Wait, What?; House to Astonish, War Rocket Ajax, and Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men. We’re producing nine stand-alone episodes, each hosted by a different show and featuring a mash-up cast from among more than fifteen hosts, and all airing between October 29 and November 29.

This is big, y’all. This is really big. We’re talking plot. The Beyonder. Original art by Brandon Graham (above) and James Stokoe (to be revealed). A guest star (also to be revealed).

To follow along with Secret Convergence on Infinite Podcasts, follow the Convergence on Twitter at @scoipodcasts; on Tumblr at secretconvergence.tumblr.com, and in the hashtag #SCOIP on both–and look for regular updates from all of the participating podcasts.

Will we die? Emerge with new costumes? LEARN TO POOP?

There’s only one way to find out.




  1. This sounds like the most amazing thing to come to comics related podcasting since comics related podcasting! Transferring power from life support to RSS engines and hashtag torpedos…

  2. That sound amazing, I’ll mark it on my calendar :). In preparation of this crossover, could anyone recommend a particular episode of each podcast? I’m sure they are all amazing, but I don’t think I can listen all 100 episodes of War Rocket Ajax before SCOIP starts.

    1. I’ll start! For Into It, my favorite episode is probably the one where Elle and guest Graeme McMillan talk about Jack Kirby. Or, there’s always the latest episode where Elle and I talk about Silent Hill…

      1. The Kirby episode is great, as is the Mad Max: Fury Road episode with Gavia Baker-Whitelaw and any of the times she had Betty Felon on. And Rachel’s episode about Speed Racer is a personal favorite, but I admit I may be biased because it is the BEST MOVIE. Of course, you enjoy hearing Rachel talk about stuff, or you wouldn’t be here, right? I haven’t heard Miles’ spot yet, because I’ve been preoccupied with the Locke & Key audio play. Soon!

        Less Than Live: Episode 22, where Kate interviews Scott Snyder about his time working as a Disney Mascot; Episode 14, where she has a conversation with Chip Zdarsky and her mother about Sex Criminals. (Now that’s an elevator pitch!)

        War Rocket Ajax: This one’s tough because they’re closing in on three hundred episodes. Just glancing through the more recent ones, episode 247, featuring Karla Pacheco, and #214, with Tim Seeley, stick out in my mind as particularly fun discussions.

        1. For War Rocket Ajax it is also very cool to listen to their “every story ever” monthly releases. The two hosts accept three comic book stories or runs from comics and rank them by putting them into a list. The cool thing is that the only way to change the list is by slotting a story above or below a currently ranked story. Leads to lots of cool discussion/low key arguments. The best episodes are the ones that involve people shooting for the top or the bottom of the list. Highly recommended.

    2. I really like Jopurney into misery episode 29. The dynamic has formed, and it’s characters that Kieran Shiach is really into! The episodes about characters are (imo) better then the ones about an event.

    3. My favourite episodes of WRA are Bag of Salt Horsed to Death, though every episode with Matt Fraction is also great.

      The best episode of Less Than Live is the one where she interviews Chip Zdarsky with her mum, though the most recent episode that’s supposed to be an interview with Erica Henderson but quickly devolves into them just talking about X-Files and clown motels is also great.

  3. This is an inspired idea. I’m betting Miles will be revealed as a Skrull in the penultimate episode. Its always the one you least expect.

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