Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 59

Week of October 21, 2015:

In which Age of Apocalypse is hella anticlimactic, but at least we’ll always have Hopeless Savages.


  • Age of Apocalypse #5

Pick of the Week: Hopeless Savages: Break (on sale November 25, but I assume you can preorder it now)

Extra-fancy sunglasses courtesy of the amazing Anna Sheffey.

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    1. RIGHT?! Anna’s sunglasses are all AMAZING, and I love that almost every style that looks super retrofuturist pin-up adorable on her looks super ’80s corporate sci-fi villain on me.

      1. And now Rachel will forever be locked in attempts to eliminate Aahnold S. from whatever scheme of hers he’s haplessly in the way of… I’d watch that show.

  1. My dream X-book for a long time has been a Hopeless Savages style family-adventure-sitcom about Scott Summers, Jean Grey, and their various timey-wimey multidimensional progeny.

    Because Hopeless Savages is the best, and does a great job of ignoring all that hackneyed cliche bs that says a couple is only interesting for as long as they are fresh and new or on the verge of a nasty breakup. It proves a family doesn’t have to be mostly dysfunctional to be funny and exciting.

    1. I don’t remember which episode I talked about this in, but my teen-X-book dream team is and probably always will be Jen Van Meter and Faith Erin Hicks.

      1. You talked about that in the all-question spectacular, whatever the heck number it was. I remember because it was my question. 🙂

  2. Oh hell yes. Faith Erin Hicks is one of my favorite comics artists ever and an amazing writer as well. “The Adventures of Super Hero Girl” is sheer joy.

  3. Well, that was indeed convulted and compressed. But I was so disappointed over the last issue that I truely came with zero expectations and was able to enjoy the amazing art at least.
    Indeed that was a failed series. Maybe with 5 more issues Mr. Nicieza would be able to deliver a better series although I’m still not sure it would make a difference.

  4. So I feel like almost every X-related Secret Wars book comes down to a Phoenix avatar blowing the crap out of stuff.

    So as a discussion question: are all the different Phoenixes avatars for one Phoenix entity, or did Doom actually import a dozen phoenix entities into his Battleworld?

    I feel like either way that would create a really destabilizing power base for the mutants in Battleworld to go after Doom. Really calls into question his whole plan.

  5. On Dr. Nemesis: Is that the same Dr. Nemesis from X-Club/X-Force, or at least the Age of Apocalypse version of him? Was he in the original AoA? Is that where he came from? What exactly is the deal with Dr. Nemesis anyway? I seem to recall him mentioning somewhere that he hunted Nazis in South America for a while. How did he end up with X-Club? Is he a mutant? I know that’s not a requirement for X-Club (see Dr. Rao, a human, and Danger, an accidentally sentient gymnasium). I kind of always assumed that Dr. Nemesis was a character from some minor-but-bonkers silver age title about Nazi hunting brought back by a fan/X-writer at some point, but that was just based on him seeming like he would be. I know you guys have talked Nemesis from time to time, but has there been an overview? A cold open?

    1. Yes it is the AoA take on Dr Nemesis, and no he wasn’t in the original. In his current incarnation (as opposed to his brief actual 1940’s creation) he wasn’t introduced into the X-Men universe until quite a few years after the original AoA.


      There’s DEFINITELY a cold open in that (considering he used a time machine to go back to the time of his birth, and ended up actually delivering himself)

      1. We did Dr. Nemesis as a cold open ages ago, although I do not for the life of me remember which episode it was in.

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