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As Mentioned in Episode 79 – Bear on a Boat

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  1. Hello Rachel and Miles!

    This is completely unrelated to this episode,but I love your podcast and knowing your love of puns I have a request.

    I’m not sure at what point in continuity Cameron Hodge becomes infected with the techno-organic virus, but the only medium that I could get my sister to consume the X-men in was the 90s cartoon. We were watching that 2-parter with Warlock, and when we got to the part with Hodge I turned to her and said “Hodge has become some horrifying mix of man and machine; a hodge-podge, if you will”. Then I was punched.

    It would make my life if that pun could make it into an episode, which I will make her listen to. If this is too silly, please feel free to disregard it; I’m a lifelong X-men fan and love what you guys are doing.

  2. Offered as the antithesis of the well-constructed two-page multi-team fight splash page:


    (I mean, what the Hell is the Hood even standing on?!?)

    One of the cardinal sins of recent mega-events is the use of a big panel with dozens of characters in fight poses as shorthand for an entire massive fight. Claremont was always pretty good at splitting team-on-team fights into cool individual vignettes and character interactions; some current big-event writers appear simply to script large fight scenes as “draw everyone on this page fighting”.

  3. So what you’re saying is that Ursa Major was a bear on a boat, then he transformed and he was bare on a boat. 😀

    (Sorry, not sorry.)

  4. I have only just discovered this podcast as part of a wider recent “rediscovery” of the X-Men.

    I’m listening every day and now on episode 79. It’s great because there’s so much content to get through it feels like it’s infinite. Jay and Miles are such wonderful content creators and commentators. I can’t imagine how much work must go into each episode and the blog. Thank you.

    I was so pleased when you covered “X-Men vs Fantastic Four”. I read that as a kid in the 90s. Growing up in a smallish city in England (far from London by UK standards), back issues were hard to come. So it was a case of getting your hands on whatever you could, on a limited adolescent budget. I think I read issues 3 and 4 as a kid. When I was a student I got hold of issue 1 on eBay. I only ever got to issue 2 on Marvel Unlimited a few years ago. It’s amazing to recall how hard tracking down back issues used to be. But I’ll never forget the thrill and excitement when it happened.

    However, I only read – or had even heard about – the first X Men vs Avengers series a few weeks ago. I agree with Jay that the series is weak. It’s not a terrible book, but it is a terrible X book. It confirms my suspicion that, in this era, very few people could write Mutant characters well.

    It’s going to be many years until I’ve caught up to the current day on the podcast. Apologies in advance that I’m going to be posting comments related to very old episodes.

    Until Harvey and Janet are revealed to be the true birth parents of the Maximoff twins, make mine Marvel.


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