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As Mentioned in Episode 79 – Bear on a Boat

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  1. Hello Rachel and Miles!

    This is completely unrelated to this episode,but I love your podcast and knowing your love of puns I have a request.

    I’m not sure at what point in continuity Cameron Hodge becomes infected with the techno-organic virus, but the only medium that I could get my sister to consume the X-men in was the 90s cartoon. We were watching that 2-parter with Warlock, and when we got to the part with Hodge I turned to her and said “Hodge has become some horrifying mix of man and machine; a hodge-podge, if you will”. Then I was punched.

    It would make my life if that pun could make it into an episode, which I will make her listen to. If this is too silly, please feel free to disregard it; I’m a lifelong X-men fan and love what you guys are doing.

  2. Offered as the antithesis of the well-constructed two-page multi-team fight splash page:


    (I mean, what the Hell is the Hood even standing on?!?)

    One of the cardinal sins of recent mega-events is the use of a big panel with dozens of characters in fight poses as shorthand for an entire massive fight. Claremont was always pretty good at splitting team-on-team fights into cool individual vignettes and character interactions; some current big-event writers appear simply to script large fight scenes as “draw everyone on this page fighting”.

  3. So what you’re saying is that Ursa Major was a bear on a boat, then he transformed and he was bare on a boat. 😀

    (Sorry, not sorry.)

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