Rachel & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 60

Week of October 28, 2015:

In which the final Secret Wars X-book comes to a close and we have some pretty cool stuff going on.


  • House of M #4

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  1. Maki P says:

    Yes, Over the Garden Wall reference is always good

  2. Josh G says:

    Rachel, those sunglasses are amazing. Where do I get them?

  3. Armaan says:

    The final issue of House of M felt to me like one of those short films where you realize that the entire thing, while having it’s fun, charming moments, was really all just about the setup to a punchline.
    Which I’m…mostly sure I liked? On the whole, though, House of M was a very enjoyable read.

    (also I was not expecting snow-owl shades to be topped this week by the bat-shades. Very scott snyder of you)

  4. Alex says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Marco Failla really only draws one face? I don’t mid the art other than that, but the face thing really kills it for me. I avoided this series for that reason.

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