Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel Reviews the X-Men, Episode 57

Week of October 7, 2015:

In which Miles calls in sick, and/or Rachel steals the video reviews to spread the gospel of Secret Convergence on Infinite Podcasts and Siege #4.


  • Old Man Logan #5 (01:37)
  • Secret Wars #6 (02:58)

Pick of the Week: Siege #4 (04:11)

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    1. “You guys,” like there’s any question which of us would own a Cyclops visor.

      ANYWAY, the visor was made by our friend Benja Barker, who does really fantastic work (this particular piece was a “hey, if you have time–” 24-hour rush made from what he had lying around at the time.) You can see the visor in action here.

  1. The ending of Siege almost feels like one of those near universal “Where were you?” moments from TV shows or movies do. Pretty awesome. And I’ve seen lots of buzzing about it online since Wednesday morning.

    I guess I’m a bit more in agreement with Miles on Old Man Logan. This issue, to me, also felt like a very satisfying ending. It felt pretty emotionally satisfying to me to see Logan bouncing off of what appeared to be the Ultimate End cast, and all that that entails in terms of him coming face to face with X-Men he hasn’t seen from his own reality for years.


    1. I was confused by that. Maybe because I haven’t been reading Ultimate End? But the group of X-Men Logan ran into seemed very much to be the 616 X-Men. So why was Cyclops there?

      1. The best understanding I’ve seen around is that the only “true” survivors of 616 and 1610 were Doom, Strange, and the ones who survived in the life rafts. That includes the true 616 Cyclops, who we saw confront Doom in the core series. The cast and characters of Ultimate End, seem to be near perfect analogues (but not the actual originals) of the true 616 and 1610 characters, that somehow got cobbled together in the shared Manhattan on Battleworld.

        We may know more when Ultimate End and Secret Wars wrap up later this year.

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