Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 67

Week of December 16, 2015:

In which All-New X-Men is the best at what it does (and what it does is awesome), Deadpool and Cable Split Second Infinite Whatever finally realizes that it’s digital, and Jay flirts with a new iMovie transition.


  • *All-New X-Men #2 (00:24)
  • Deadpool & Cable Split Second Infinite Comic Long Title Who Even Knows Anymore #5 (05:28)

*Pick of the Week (08:46)

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  1. So what could Cyclops have possibly done that has all of his friends thinking he’s a mass murderer, less than a few months after he led a peace rally in Washington at the end of Uncanny 600?

    1. Killed a bunch of Inhumans over some drama with the Terrigen Mists, I’m guessing. And I’m also guessing he’s not dead, just in hiding.

  2. I confess that when you guys talked about about Mark Bagley drawing talking head panels, I flashed to the five splash pages from Ultimate End #5 and I was scared you guys where going to pick that for page of the week.

  3. RE: Bagley drawing talking heads.

    Guess you get good at it when you illustrate 111 straight issues of a Bendis comic!

  4. I LOVED Cyclops talking to that Thirst guy in the jail cell. He feels so much like the Cyclops we know and love, and still so apart from him. They are taking full advantage of the premise and the characterization is just so good.

    Also, flaming Wolverine.

  5. All-New X-Men is so fun and adorable and touching and all the good things. This type of friendship adventure journey story is what I was hoping for when I started reading All-New X-Men last year, and I’m glad that type of story is finally here. I don’t know Idie and Evan very well yet, but they seem so fun and I’m excited to learn more about them. I love that the new Wolverine also makes a comment about Scott, like the old Wolverine often did … some things never change. 🙂 Also love the awkward conversations in this issue.

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