Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 80

Weeks of April 6 and April 13, 2016:

In which Uncanny X-Men gets a new artist; Old Man Logan takes our breath away; All-New X-Men gives us the team-up we didn’t know we needed; and X-Men ’92 gets the villain we’ve been waiting for.


  • Uncanny X-Men #6 (00:59)
  • *Old Man Logan #4 (05:43)
  • All-New X-Men #8 (09:15)
  • X-Men ’92 #2 (12:49)

*Pick of the Week (18:26)

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  1. UXM #6 was really good. Turns out having competent art makes the writing far more enjoyable, too. But there was a lot of good stuff in it. I loved the stuff with Callisto. I like how Lashley drew her – very Paul Smith. And yeah, I do like how Bunn writes Xorn.

    Old Man Logan was great. Such gorgeous art from Sorrentino and Maiolo. I love it. Those two double-page spreads – the star and the maple leaf – were especially outstanding.

    ANXM was great. Strange’s cameo managed to avoid feeling forced and shoe-horned; Hopeless made it make sense. And Strange and Hank play off each other really well, with Hank getting really good character stuff. I miss Bagley, because Bagley, but Diaz is an excellent artist, so I don’t miss Bagley too much. I would be OK if Diaz took over art, though I do like Bagley more.

    X-Men ’92 – I think I figured out the two reasons I can’t get into this book. First, the writing feels more exaggerated than is my taste. Second, it feels too much like re-telling existing stories. The best part of the issue, for me, was the Alpha Red stuff, which was also the only truly original element. I think I would enjoy this series a lot more if the book did more original stuff, telling its own stories rather than just doing stories other people have already told. I would definitely be OK with Rogue punching a bear becoming a running thing in this book.

    Kitty! Kitty kitty kitty! That’s a cute kitty you have.

  2. I enjoyed Alti Firmansyah way more this issue, I guess I’m just getting used to the transition from Star Lord & Kitty Pryde? Anyway, this comics not only delivered bear punching twice, but it was a vampire bear, vampire.bear. How could I not love this, it’s perfect.

    Answering you folks question about how someone not so deep into X-men continuity feels about the comic: well, I did not read X-men in the 90’s, I have a thin knowledge of the cartoon (only watched some episodes, and I adsorbed a lot of the pop culture osmosis). I can say that the first issue left me confused, and kinda bummed, but issue #2 felt way more entertaining because I feel like I’m piecing together who is who and what is going on, although it can still be a little bit confusing. Also the character interactions are great, and I feel like I’m being given the opportunity to be invested in characters that I would not otherwise, since I would not be seeking them directly. So I like it a lot!

    About All-New X-men: I would not mind if Diaz and Rosenberg were the new main artists of the book. I enjoy the current artist and colorist, but this issue left me wanting more from them.

  3. Can Bella guest co-host the next time one of you is unavailable for reviews? Way better than that broom guy.

        1. Look, broom guy may not have much by way of charisma, but he also has yet to wake me up at 5 AM by standing on my neck and squawking.

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