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The Whole Cyclops Has a Good Day Sketchbook, as of April 2016

Jay here! Because a handful of people have asked for them all in one place, here are the full current contents of the Cyclops Has a Good Day sketchbook, in chronological order.

(In the name of being precise about these kinds of things, I should note that these are not all of the Cyclops Has a Good Day drawings that I have–there are a good 6-10ish that are free-floating or digital–just the ones in the official sketchbook. I may add the others later, but they’re somewhat more scattered at the moment.)



      1. She really is magical. Between Break, Heart In A Box and Hinges, McClaren was my top artist of 2015.

        And her sketches are always the most adorable things ever.

  1. That Wynne piece is undoubtedly the best of a great bunch. I imagine the book is really a photo album he goes through once in a while, annoying the other X-Men. “Hey, remember when things were okay. Like, just all right. Good times. So good, those times.”

    But that requires things to have been okay on occasion, so clearly just a dream sequence. Although you can bet he’s got his phone ready to take a picture specifically for just that day when the world doesn’t hang in the balance.

    1. At some point, I really need to consolidate / do a gallery of all of the Cyclops Has a Good Day drawings that David has done over the years, because there are a lot, and they are all absolutely wonderful.

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