Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 83; feat. Katie Proctor

Week of May 4, 2016:

In which we change locations; Uncanny X-Men is intriguing but uneven; X-Men ’92 is chock full o’ Draculas; and Books With Pictures is your future favorite comics shop!


  • Uncanny X-Men #7 (01:48)
  • *X-Men ’92 #3 (06:52)

*Pick of the Week (10:27)

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  1. I’ve been following the updates on the shop that you guys have been retweeting — cool to see it take shape. I hope to be able to check it out if I make it back to RCCC this fall.

  2. UXM was pretty good. I especially like the Monet story. Monet and Callisto sniping at each other was a lot of fun. I do like sarcasm. I will say that, being a little more removed from Land, I’m actually less pleased with Lashley. It’s a bit blobby at times. Not an art style I’m all that into.

    X-Men ’92 just doesn’t work for me. Alpha Red being revealed as Janus pretty well killed the little interest I had left. Because the one original plot point it had has now been revealed as, nope! Grabbing from yet another existing story! I want this series to do its own thing more. It’s got a cool bunch of characters, but then it just plops them into stories other people told. So I want it to have more original ideas, original stories.

    Also, you have Dead Girl in a story with vampires and you do nothing with it? Come on! Dead Girl vs. the Undead! That would be awesome! The next issue had better have Dead Girl vs. the Undead!

    Though I will say this: Storm is hardcore. Storm’s secondary mutation is badass one-liners.

    And congratulations on the comic shop.! Also, I love Katie’s Persephone t-shirt! WicDiv is an awesome series that everyone should read.

  3. Is it possible to disagree with absolutely everything you say? Why yes, yes it is.

    You say that UXM doesn’t make sense because Apocalypse’s goals don’t make sense ignoring the fact it hasn’t been revealed as yet what the antagonists goals are, neither has it been revealed whether or not Apocalypse will be part of this plot.

    When you say it’s not clear whether we are trying to figure out how these things tie together or not is kind of the point of reading to unravel the mystery, it’s almost as if you want to be lead around by the nose reading this story.

    1. I don’t think it’s about being led around. I think it’s about wanting some hints of what’s going on. Bunn is playing things a little too close to the vest with this arc, at least so far. And as a result, the plot isn’t intriguing enough. It’s too vague so far, which makes it more difficult to get invested.

      1. Bunn is playing things a little too close to the vest < Yes it's a gamble to keep the reader buying the comic.
        Now the Dark Riders mini arc within the arc has been largely resolved here's a brief synopsis of the mysteries still very much apparent.

        1) The Dark Riders were being tasked by someone, who? (This may have been resolved due to knowing more about Warren(?)'s predicament. What does Holocaust's plan involved.

        2) Hold on if that's Warren, who is Archangel? Who is who? What were the circumstances before Magneto discovered him?

        3)It's been hinted the Someday Corporation is more than it appears, what's going on here?

        4) If Fantomex and Mystique were hired by the Hellfire Club to investigate Someday Corporation, who is pulling the strings in this regard? What is the nature of the antagonism between these two groups?

        5) Earlier, Magneto intercepted Fantomex and Mystique for a little chat, the rest of the team are unaware of this. What's his motive?

        6) And finally the brand spanking new mystery is Sabretooth and Monet are responding to a call for help from Callisto in regards the Morlocks, why?

        This is just on a casual read through. They're plenty of questions to ask, I think Bunn is purposefully understating where the plot is leading to maintain the suspense. Though I imagine some of the answers to these questions may get drowned out until Civil War II has run its course Bunn has assured the unresolved questions are very much part of the arc, you're meant to keep guessing.

  4. Thanks for confirming that that was Artie. I was worried I had gone colorblind or Leech had lost the power of speech…

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