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As Mentioned in Episode 107 – Fairy Tale Ending

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  1. From my memories of reading them at the time, New Mutants fared better from the Inferno story crossovers than X-Terminators did. The ending of X-Terminators just hooking back into the rest of the story rather than being complete in itself felt unsatisfying, and I was kind of unclear how it tied in even though I was reading all the core books and most of the tie-ins. The New Mutants tie-in material didn’t prevent its story from having a proper ending.

    (In fairness, I haven’t re-read X-Terminators since it came out, and the tone didn’t work as well for me when I was 17; I might appreciate it more now.)

  2. Quick question: the current version of Magick…is she actually the 616 Ilyana or is she someone else? I seem to recall her current incarnation sort of coming out of House of M, then getting “saved” from that world’s ending by Belasco (in the Academy X era). But I’m not 100% sure that version of Magick didn’t end up on the Exiles or something instead. Wikipedia wasn’t a ton of help, and my books from that era are buried in a long box somewhere. I also remember Amanda Sefton running around as Magick in that era too, so I’m not quite sure how it resolved.

    1. Fairly certain we covered this in a cold open waaaaaay back somewhere in year 1; I’ll see if I can dig it up. =)

      1. The Illyana currently running around in Marvel continuity was touched on in the cold open from the very first episode of the podcast. I think she was covered in more detail in another cold open, but I’m not certain of that.

        Mental note to self (or to any contributor reading this): the wiki needs a cold opens article.

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