Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 90

Week of June 29, 2016:

In which Apocalypse Wars continues; there’s a lot going on in Uncanny X-Men; nobody draws Venom like Humberto Ramos; Miles shows off a tattoo; and Jay has strong feelings about Power Man & Iron Fist.


  • Uncanny X-Men #9 (00:37)
  • *Extraordinary X-Men #11 (05:50)

*Pick of the Week (09:57)

Filmed at Books With Pictures in Portland, OR. Special thanks to Katie Proctor.

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  1. Whoa, are you both Mass Effect fans or just Miles? I’ve thought about a Mass Effect X crossover 100 times. Garrus would totally hang out with Nightcrawler and Tali with Kitty.

    1. Both of us like the series, but I definitely obsessed over it more. Agreed on the crossover potential – the character dynamic in Mass Effect always felt very X-Men-ish to me!

  2. UXM was, I thought, OK. The Apocalypse Wars story is fine. It’s fine. There’s some good stuff. I definitely enjoyed the interactions between Magneto and Mystique – their animosity is a lot of fun. Genocide bores me, though. He’s a lame villain. And yeah, I really wasn’t sold on Magneto’s stuff about Archangel. The Monet/Empath story was much better. And not just because I love Generation X. But that story is really personal, and really cool.

    EXM . . . ugh. Lemire writes the second-worst Storm I have come across (the worst will always be Dickie, from that abominable Before the Storm mini). And then Kurt kills two guys. Just straight-up kills them. Really? This issue just felt so bland and lackluster and not good. The Sapna interlude grabbed me far more than the main story, and I am looking forward to seeing more of that story. It is going to lead to so much tragedy and I am absolutely invested in that.

    Power Man & Iron Fist is SO GOOD! It’s fantastic! It’s all about friendship and it’s fun and I love it.

    And yay for Jubilee this weekend!

  3. I will say this as to Magneto being all mopey and depressed over the whole Mutant situation.

    Mutants are literally being killed by a floating gas cloud. They are being gassed to death by another race that, arguably, sees themselves as superior and unarguably sees themselves as a regal, royal ruling force. It is… imaginable that Magneto has some SERIOUSLY dour feelings about that.

    1. Sure. But traditionally, something like that probably would’ve just made him angry and vengeful. Like what we’re seeing in CWII X-Men.

      But really, the weirdness is that he’s mopey about Archangel. That’s the bit that Bunn has failed to sell.

  4. [squirrel] EATS NUTS [squirrel]

    Nightcrawler and the Special Class ought to be bringing me back into Extraordinary, but I felt peculiarly ungrabbed flipping through it in the store. I’ve only been following Young Beast in the other book, so possibly it’s the continuing story I don’t care about?

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