Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 115 – So Many Teeth

Listen to the podcast here.

No gallery this week–instead, Max put together a visual addendum covering stuff we talked about while watching but forgot to mention in the episode:

podcast addendum



  1. I haven’t even listened to this one yet but I’d like say I would absolutely read the hell out of Max’s Hellfire Club line-up!

  2. I vaguely remember the anime from watching it years ago (only subbed, not dubbed). The part that stuck with me the most was Storm basically fainting from overexertion after throwing, like, one lightning bolt. Because she’s a lady, see.

  3. The optic teeth have a very Corinthian vibe to them; good, my nightmares were getting a bit stale

  4. I watched the anime recently and am listening to this episode now in 2021. I watched it dubbed but also with the subtitles on and compared them. Lots of important plot points were removed in the dub in favor of more jokes or sarcasm. They talked in much more detail about what the U-Men are doing and what is happening with the weird exploding mutants. Basically secondary mutations were the whole thing and they had David-Haller syndrome that was causing secondary mutations to go completely out of control. Generally all the X-Men are a little bit smarter about the mystery or more suspicious of Japanese Moira. The final big reveal is also the reason both for there being so many mutants in the area and also those mutants being at high risk of having secondary mutations go out of control and explode. It also makes the stuff like Armor forgetting the institute make a bit more sense. It doesn’t fix all the problems in the show but it at least has a bit better of a plot outline… though those would be at the cost of the snarky Wolverine.

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