Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay & Tea Review the X-Men, Episode 93

Week of July 20, 2016:

In which we take the show on the road; Uncanny X-Men wraps up Apocalypse Wars; All-New Wolverine is a four-generation masterpiece; and Jay and Tea totally made Summers Bears.


  • Uncanny X-Men #10 (00:49)
  • *All-New Wolverine #10 (02:53)

*Pick of the Week (05:24)

Special thanks to Guest Co-Host and Partner in Bears Tea Fougner!

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  1. UXM #10 was good, a solid finale. The Apocalypse Wars story didn’t quite work for me overall, but it ends well enough with some decent Warren stuff. And I do also have mixed feelings on the return to status quo for Archangel. I loved the Monet/Emplate story, though. That was great stuff, and really exciting. And it actually sets up a situation for a genuine bond between Monet and Sabretooth.

    All-New Wolverine #10 is so great! I love it! It’s so much fun, with some really sweet moments. Logan interacting with teen girls is always so fun to see, and he does it well here. And Jonathan is the best! I want an issue entirely from Jonathan’s perspective.

    The Summers Bears are adorable.

  2. You’re in NYC? Wow. I use my powers as a native to welcome you heartily! I waved, but as I have no idea where you actually are, it was probably in the wrong direction…

    Also, Summers Bears are excellent! Aww….

  3. I’ve only recently started reading comics and discovered your podcasts and youtube channel about a week ago and have been watching past reviews. I like your insightful perspective, both of you (Jay and Miles). I also really like it when Jay critiques the panels based on years of experience as a comics editor. It helps me appreciate the finer points of visual storytelling.

    I like your guest host Tea’s explanation for the selection of the panel of the week, especially the part where she said that the scene was the pivotal point in the relationship between Logan and Gabby and that it was done without excessive exposition.

    Love your reviews!

        1. Piggybacking off this, does anyone know what that’s called? I’m guessing the spinning light thing is a diy job, is there a name for it so that I can look it up and make something similar? Thanks.

  4. Just watched this now (I’m a little behind…) and – oh man – how did you make those bears? They are 100% the best!

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