Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 117 – How to Pee Like a Supervillain

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  1. I was half expecting a reference to Poochie when you discussed Gossamyr leaving.

    “Gossamyr died on the way back to her home planet.”

  2. I just have to note for the title card, I managed to figure out all the x-men initials fairly easily, but I was really stuck on the JE + MS in the heart, going through my head trying to think of X-men characters, with those initials, finally landing on Mister Sinister as the best option for MS. Eventually I figured out JE for Jay Edidin, and there was a five second period of time where I had a weird mental image of a Jay/Mister Sinister ship before I realize my mistake.

  3. Weird NYC fact: There are still a few pay phones around. I think they’re there just to confuse people.

    1. Montreal is full of them, too! I was completely floored.

      Also, Tea–who lives here–says NYC is gradually reworking the old pay phones as WiFi hotspots and free charging stations, which is awesome.

    2. Still some in the UK too, there’s one just down the road from me, though it might be the only one in the entire town.

  4. I believe it was during the 80s run of Captain America that Steve Rogers(aka Captain America) drew and wrote a Captain America comic book inside the Marvel Universe.

  5. WAIT. That panel with Warlock hugging Leech and Artie. Shouldn’t Leech cancel out Warlock’s mutant power, turning him into a dispassionate killing machine?

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