Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Choose Our Adventure – Evolution Edition!

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On September 4, we’ll be sitting down to record our 2016 Giant-Size Summer Special and second-ever tabletop episode.

In 2015, game writer and designer and friend of the podcast Logan Bonner has modified the amazing old Marvel Super Hero Adventures game to be played as it was never intended: in the spirit of the 90s animated series! This year, he’s joining us again–this time with an adventure set in the world of X-Men: Evolution!

In addition to Logan, we’ll be joined at the gaming table by two guests: returning X-Pert Max Carleton of Waiting for the Trade and I Love Television; and writer, developer, and all-around badass Crystal Frasier!

But first, we’ve got a job for you…


  1. Looking over the options I wish I had a tabletop group so I could run a game where everybody plays Multiple Man. It’d be the closest thing to Paranoia: X-Men Edition!

  2. I just want to say that b/c of the 2015 summer special my gaming group hunted down a complete set of Marvel Super Hero SAGA books/cards on eBay and when our D&D campaign ended started late Bronze Age style superhero game with an occult focus called “Urban Legend” using those rules.

    So thanks!

  3. I may have selected Avalanche for Miles just because Avalanche is the yellow game board piece no one actually likes. (Apologies for stealing your joke)

  4. I’m sorry Max, you’re great and all, but if you are going to need a Shadowcat in the game, I choose to sacrifice you (But picked Magma as a first option).

  5. Sadly, I was thinking that Miles should play Shadowcat before I started reading any of the questions.

  6. I’m so torn… I think Miles would have a ball playing Boom Boom, but I have a lot of Nightcrawler loyalties. And the German exchange student with the lame jokes version of Nightcrawler reminds me of actually quite a few people I knew in high school.

  7. This could be the strangest poll I’ve ever seen, but I vote Max to voice Jean as I think he’d be delightful at it.

  8. Does Jay really not want to repeat characters? Because Evolution Cyclops is why I gave one of my now-favorite characters a chance.

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