Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 100

Week of 9/28/2016:

In which Victor Ibañez should draw Storm forever; Alti Firmansyah should draw everything forever; and somehow we have filmed 100 of these things!


  • *Extraordinary X-Men #14 (02:30)
  • X-Men ’92 #7 (08:51)

*Pick of the Week (13:22)

Filmed at Books With Pictures in Portland, OR.

Fancy hats provided by Anna Sheffey.

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  1. In the immortal words of Da Jagerkin[1]: “Dose are really nize hats!”

    [1]For those unfamiliar with the comic Girl Genius, Jagerspeak is a Funetik Aksent, in particular a dialect that traces back its lineage to Higher Katzenjammer.

  2. Jay, now that you’ve given a number for how many sunglasses you’ve worn, someone is going to go back through all the videos and count how many pairs you’ve worn. You did miss a couple episodes, after all, so it might be less than 100.

    EXM remains meandering, and here, even the Illyana stuff meanders. The fight against the random losers who don’t matter at all feels like a waste of time. We’ll see if those losers actually come up again, but here? I would’ve much preferred Illyana and Storm traveling and talking about feelings. The Forge scene was really good, mostly for the end of the scene. The Handyman’s Secret Weapon. But yeah, this issue wasn’t as good as I hoped from an issue in the middle of an Illyana-heavy arc.

      1. I’m willing to count Broom Jay. But I figure it should be Real Jay’s call. So, Jay, does your moppelganger count towards the sunglasses count?

  3. I’m hoping to hear this one on the podcast at some-point:

    With the Fantastic Four no longer serving the 616, I’ve imagined Rockslide taking it upon himself to recruit a new FF. Who would be his other 3 friends he would bring along to fill the FF void?

  4. To settle that doubt: The World Eaters was indeed a Thor storyline from a few years back! It was the first story of Matt Fraction’s extended run on the character (with awesome art by Pasqual Ferry and Matt Hollingsworth).

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