Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 99

Week of 9/21/2016:

In which Deadpool V Gambit comes to a close; Extraordinary X-Men gets an annual; Laura Kinney cancels her pull box; and we are so over Civil War II.


  • Deadpool V Gambit #5 (0:58)
  • *Extraordinary X-Men Annual #1(05:02)
  • Uncanny X-Men #13 (09:27)
  • All-New Wolverine #12 (15:13)
  • Civil War II: X-Men #4 (19:53)

*Pick of the Week (24:00)

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  1. Deadpool v Gambit is a ridiculous conclusion to a ridiculous mini. Lots of fun, though. “Deadpool v. Gambit is worth reading” is not something I ever expected to say.

    EXM Annual is great. Lots of fun. The first story is a great Murphy’s Law story. And the Nasty Boys! I do like the Nasty Boys. While the Lunella/Forge story is cute and fun and I loved it. I love Lunella. She’s the best. She’s so good and nice and wonderful.

    UXM is . . . it’s fine. I guess I noticed Land less than usual. And the writing was good, the plotting’s good, Psylocke’s good. Everything’s good. But somehow, I still just didn’t really enjoy it. Also, “If you don’t know Angel’s history, it’ll fly over your heard”? Very nice unintentional pun, Jay. As for Exodus . . . when did he last appear before that Matthew Malloy arc? X-Men Legacy, I think? He was an antagonist in Gage’s run. But yeah, he’s a lame villain. He was fairly big for a couple years in the early ’90s. Bloodties was his big story. After that, he mostly just hung around Asteroid M, and after it got destroyed, he just showed up every now and then, seldom as a particularly genuine threat.

    Wolverine is great. Gabby! I loved this issue. Great action, fantastic art, and solid emotional hits. I love that Gabby out-threatens Logan. And still manages to be adorable. Gabby is the best. On a side note, the twist with Gabby is something we all should have seen coming. Issue #6 showed she has a claw. I totally forgot about that.

    CWII X-Men is OK. But the whole mini ends up feeling like kind of a waste of time. Nothing in particular really happened.

    1. I completely forgot Exodus showed up in the Matthew Malloy arc. Even now that it got mentioned in the video review and in your reply, I honestly can’t recall his involvement in that story.

      1. It was incredibly brief. He was brought in by SHIELD to read Malloy’s mind, and then he dropped dead.

        Prior to that, he was in X-Men Legacy. Soon after the Schism, he showed up at the JGS to unite mutants again, and decided the way to do that would be to kill Cyclops.

  2. The art in Uncanny has been such an improvement (extremely bad to mediocre is improvement!) that I had to flip to the cover to make sure that Land was still drawing it. It’s still not “good” art, and it’s really damning with faint praise to say that Land is doing a much better job of hiding his tracing. But I AM going to keep reading this, and I will never read most of Matt Fraction’s run because it makes my eyes hurt.

  3. Final Fantasy V was the developers attempt to use up all the classic RPG cliches before truly attempting to finally switch things up and away from the medieval setting/elemental crystals basis they’d been using near totally since the beginning. After that was the big sea-change through VI and beyond. So with V they were like “We’ve taken this about as far as we can, but need one more game so…GO NUTS!”

    It’s profoundly delightful, even if I’m pretty sure the villain makes no categorical sense.

  4. Wait. One of the Nasty Boys is named Gorgeous George? I suspected that the group’s name was an extended professional wrestling reference, and that just cinches it.

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