Jay & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 104

Week of 11/9/2016:

In which Psylocke gets a spotlight; the Goblin Queen gets pants; Jay suddenly cares about the Inhumans; and we are having a lot of feelings right now.


  • Uncanny X-Men #15 (02:39)
  • *All-New X-Men #15 (07:34)

*Pick of the Week (14:18)

Filmed at Books With Pictures in Portland, OR.

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Jay was not joking about the Pirate King of the Moon thing.


  1. Adnor says:

    Really strong opening this week.

    Good luck and stay safe everyone! I send my love to all of you from Chile <3

  2. lockheed's doc martens says:

    your intro made me tear up (like so many things the last few days).
    just want to say that i love you guys and thank you for bringing a critical eye to pop culture and the world at large, and for being your wonderful nerdy selves.

  3. jesse perlstein says:

    I’m with you guys 100 percent! I’ve been thinking a lot the last few days about the X-Men and how I’ve never felt closer to them as characters and their circumstance. They have always been my grounding point in a world that is full of curve balls and pitfalls. I know their universe is a fiction and ours is not, but their perseverance through action, community and being themselves in the face of adversity gives me hope for the future, no matter what we may face. And I’m glad I know a group of people, connected through Jay and Miles, who I can stand with. Thanks everyone. – jesse

  4. Panthro Samah says:

    I fell like we’re going to a Days of Future Past scenario and I have no clue about how to travel back in time to avoid it to become reality. And it’s not just USA, all around the world the zeitgeist is like that. Here in Brazil we’re afraid that some similar could occur after the recent crisis.

  5. Dan says:

    I love you guys and hope you stay safe and know how much your presence helps others. Jay, thank you again for being our Mr. Rogers on Wednesday and reading kid’s books on a livestream. It was such a comfort on such a scary day.

  6. Diana Kingston says:

    Take heart, darlings – whatever the next four years bring, you’re not alone.

  7. gary says:

    Take care of yourself, Jay and Miles. Thank you for standing up, and for talking about art and how art and ideas still move you.

  8. Tetra says:

    Jay’s wearing the serious shades for this one.

    At this point, has Psylocke been a ninja longer than she’s been a fairy princess?

    • TheAmazingEmu says:

      At this point, easily. Going all the way back to her first appearance (where she was extremely normal, wasn’t a telepath, and didn’t have purple hair), we’re talking December 1976. Uncanny X-Men 256 was December 1989, so about 13 years. She’s had her new body (for better or for worse) for 27 years next month.

  9. XMenXPert says:

    Ever since Trump won, I have been so sad and scared for all the people who are going to be hurt so much by what happened. There’s no words of comfort to offer here; just words of condolence.

    UXM was mostly great. Nasty Boys showed up! I love that! And the part drawn by Roberson was especially strong. While I still dislike Land, I think Curiel actually did a really interesting thing with making Mystique’s colours brighter after Psylocke “fixed” her. I get the feeling that the point was Bunn wanting to put Mystique back to her ’80s characterization.

    ANXM was all great. All of it. Especially the Goblin Queen. I love that she’s just having fun! No anger, no bitterness, no grand schemes of vengeance. Just a nice little vacation in Miami as her demons wreck it.

  10. Si says:

    Obviously there’s a lot of unanswered questions about the time-displaced X-Men, but one thing keeps coming back to me, especially with Madelyne Prior in the comic. The X-Men are young and unsullied by all the awful things that happened since the 60s. But Cyclops was still raised in a fake orphanage by Mister Sinister. That’s a huge trauma that nobody’s dealt with.

    And then there’s Beast, who spent most of the 70s having threesomes and stuff. Even in the 00s he was having freaky space booty calls at one point. I’d like to think old Beast took young Beast aside at some point and had a long, insightful conversation.

  11. Armaan says:

    Thank you, for still doing this.

  12. Icon_UK says:

    Thank you for keeping going and staying strong.

  13. Chris F says:

    Thank you both for being you. Know that, regardless of the rest of the awfulness happening right now, you are seen, you are known, and you are loved, by all of us here.

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