Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

***TO ME, MY X-MEN***

We got up to plan for the new episode and decided that if the X-Men stand for anything, it’s fighting injustice.

The Winter Special will go up on Sunday, January 29, at which point we’ll resume the normal posting schedule.

Meanwhile, we’ll see you at the Portland Women’s March on Washington.



  1. Fight the good fight, you guys! I think it’s just as well. With all that’s going on in the world, I think it would be hard fully committing yourself to anything else. These protests are more important and more far flung than I ever expected they would be. 😀

  2. Thanks for showing your solidarity. I was in L.A. marching, it was an incredible day. Saw lots of great Princess Leia and Lynda Carter Wonder Woman resistance images. Now realize mohawk Storm and X-23 would look great on a protest poster.

      1. Sometimes, when I’m demonstrating on the streets (and there are so many reasons!), I imagine how nice would be having the support of these called superheroes, who should fight injustice and be citizens in this sense too. I think Longshot might be one of the most sensitive (he attacked Con Ed, after all!) –despite he’s an alien.

  3. I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed; I was really looking forward to a new episode in light of recent events. That said, I totally understand, and look forward to the winter special next week!

  4. I was marching in San Jose, CA and I wore my “Nobody knows I’m a clone of Jean Grey” shirt for a little bit of that Phoenix power.

    1. Given that this is the first and only time you’ve actually made use of the comment section, I think you could probably handle the loss.

  5. Legion? Legion? Legion? I am beyond psyched and the new poster hails back to that classic Siencwicz image of David with the GAARNORMOUS hair that made Wolvie and Mags jealous. Lenny! This is gonna ROCK! Please talk about it on the podcast because OMG!


  6. Huh.

    I guess the really is the greatest test any X-Man can face: If the world hates and fears you right now, do you still fight to protect it?

    Keep fighting, X-Men. Keep fighting.

  7. I really hope that X-Men become relevant again, mirrorring actual society. It’s hard to relate to heroes living in Limbo after a cloud of disease start to kill every mutant that it touches (and everybody just think it’s ok, facts of life). After what happened in USA and in the rest of the world, with this backlash in the civil rights becoming more scarier each day, the X-Men must becoming a beacon of hope as it was in the eighties. I really need more stories like God Love, Man Kills or that one abot Larry Bodine. They say that comics is a escape from reality and that’s why we don’t need to talk about politics in comics. I believe that comics is a escape from a relity where we can’t find heroes in the politics. We need then to keep believing that a better world is possible.

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