Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 111

Weeks of 01/18 and 01/25/2017:

In which Javier Garron draws some pretty great scenery; Inhumans vs. X-Men gets back on track; Forge gets interesting; and X-Men remains, as always, full of feels.


  • *All-New X-Men #17 (00:25)
  • Inhumans vs. X-Men #3 (04:40)
  • Extraordinary X-Men #18 (08:31)

*Pick of the Fortnight (13:51)

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  1. Absolutely LOVED ANXM #17, it gave me ALL the feels! Dennis Hopeless has been killing it with this run! I’m really excited for Romeo and Bobby, hopefully it won’t end in tragedy. Really looking forward to the adult iceman ongoing coming up as well!

    Also, Jay you said you mentioned that this issue has one of the best visual and physical allegories you’ve seen in an x-book, I was just wondering what you caught exactly? Was it *SPOILER* Iceman’s ice form changing after deciding to rescue Romeo?

  2. Jay, I love your sweater.

    I read IvX 3 before EXM 18 but, after finishing it, I thought it made sense to read in the opposite order. I’d love your thoughts on why IvX 3 should be first.

  3. I have to put my hand up and say “I’m not into Storm”. At least, not like that. She’s great; a true leader, beautiful, charismatic, empathetic and compassionate, brilliant and talented, caring, focused…

    Oh wow, maybe I am into Storm.

  4. ANXM was great. Definitely the highlight. Really strong issue, with lots of adorable boycrushing. Bobby and Romeo are cute together. (For the record, I’m pretty sure Bunn has indicated he’ll still be using Romeo in his X-Men Blue run.)

    IvX #3 actually really annoyed me. Because so far, this event feels pointless to me. Like, why does this story exist, beyond having superheroes fight? What are Soule and Lemire trying to say? What is the theme of this story? So far, as far as I can tell, there is no theme. It’s just a story about one group of heroes fighting another group of heroes, with no real meaning to it. And that just bores the hell out of me.

    EXM was really good. Really nice Forge stuff. Though he was a bit dickish in asking Logan about killing the X-Men. Not cool, dude. But Future Logan was awesome. And it’s always great seeing Sorrentino and Maiolo.

  5. On another forum I saw a post that mispeled/autocorected the Inhuman aerosol catalyst,calling it the “Terragon Mists.”

    You expressed some reservations against puns, but tossing a spicy word salad for the sociopathic eugenics practicing asshole cult’s religious fetish seems spot on to me, rather like appropriating the term Santorum.

    (I recently reread all the IvX stuff starting with Blackbolt’s decision in Infinity, finally totally realizing that it isn’t that the survival of the Inhuman species is at stake in any way whatever, but rather that they want to involuntarily recruit bystanders and gain power for the cult at the ‘insignificant’ cost of the lives of those who aren’t “One of Us.” Grrrrr…)

  6. I was really frustrated with Ivsx # 3 and all New x men #17. Not one of the inhumans have reflected on how their legacy is litteraly killing another group of people.. Not one including Ms Marvel or Romeo have questioned their role in the conflict. I just want someone on the inhuman side to at least have some perespective here. In both issues the inhumans come across as callous, entitled and frankly unlikable. Partially ISO and he buddy.. sadly I can’t remember his name. I also found Bobby’s lack of inner conflict frustrating. I understand he really likes Romeo but he seems to completely unwilling to accept how dire the situation is. He seems to have no loyalty at all to his friends, teammates and all the mutants who stand to loose their lives. He can’t see beyond his needs, typical teenager. Still I would have preferred if it was Romeo who had a change of conscience and come to side with bobby and his team. Anyway sorry for the rant! You guys are amazing! Keep doing what you do!?

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