Not Exactly 179…


Hi, Listeners! Due to travel-related connectivity issues, we’re taking an involuntary holiday break. We’ll be back with the¬†actual episode 179 next week!

See you in 2018…


  1. Michael Heide says:

    I read that as “time travel-related connectivity issues” and got all excited for three seconds.

    • kag says:

      I got “time travel-related continuity issues.”

      They have us trained to start the cold open without them.

    • Psyche says:

      How do we know that it wasn’t time-travel related connectivity issues, but that Jay & Miles were successful in their trip into the past to fix it, but the best new timeline they could get was one where travel related connectivity issues ended up occurring anyways?

  2. John Ward says:

    You’re so right! I DLed first, then came over here. As soon as I heard the end of Jay’s comment, I chimed in with the “WHAT!?”

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