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“How A Podcast Came To Lead the Mutant Resistance”



Yesterday was a really big day in the X-Cave. Not only did we drop our 200th episode, but over at the Daily Beast, the very rad Spencer Ackerman took a break from reporting on national security to profile this one podcast by a possibly recognizable pair of nerds

Click through for the full article, including a lot of mutant metaphor talk and some incredibly blush-inducing quotes from some Very Important People in the X-universe.


  1. The praise is exceptionally well-deserved and the quotes that are so blush-inducing the most accurate of all. I credit you guys with my return to fascination with comics and that fascination with maintaining my sanity. Congrats on 200 Episodes! Now I only need 200 more!

  2. “That’s itself a demonstration that another comics fandom is possible.”

    Congratulations, pals! 😀

  3. Hey guys, big fan! Listened to entire backlog (including Miles’ summer project). Just wondering why I am blocked from seeing the podcast’s twitter feed.

    1. Hi! Thanks for listening!!

      We use Twitter Blockchain, so the most likely explanation is that you’re following one ore more accounts closely associated with prior or current harassment campaigns.

        1. I’m just going to assume you meant that about “Twitter Blockchain” and not about “prior or current harrassment campaigns”?


  4. What a cool write up. It reminds me that I was recently reading Chris Claremont’s early Ms. Marvel and found a delightful appearance of Peter Forbear making up some bullshit science declaration for a thing that is basically just magic.

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