“How A Podcast Came To Lead the Mutant Resistance”



Yesterday was a really big day in the X-Cave. Not only did we drop our 200th episode, but over at the Daily Beast, the very rad Spencer Ackerman took a break from reporting on national security to profile this one podcast by a possibly recognizable pair of nerds

Click through for the full article, including a lot of mutant metaphor talk and some incredibly blush-inducing quotes from some Very Important People in the X-universe.


  1. Bradley says:

    The praise is exceptionally well-deserved and the quotes that are so blush-inducing the most accurate of all. I credit you guys with my return to fascination with comics and that fascination with maintaining my sanity. Congrats on 200 Episodes! Now I only need 200 more!

  2. Ricochet Rita says:

    “That’s itself a demonstration that another comics fandom is possible.”

    Congratulations, pals! 😀

  3. Icon_UK says:

    Well earned praise chaps!

  4. Keil Beaver says:

    Hey guys, big fan! Listened to entire backlog (including Miles’ summer project). Just wondering why I am blocked from seeing the podcast’s twitter feed.

    • Jay says:

      Hi! Thanks for listening!!

      We use Twitter Blockchain, so the most likely explanation is that you’re following one ore more accounts closely associated with prior or current harassment campaigns.

      • Ggodo says:

        I did not know this was a thing, and I am now very interested in it.

        • Icon_UK says:

          I’m just going to assume you meant that about “Twitter Blockchain” and not about “prior or current harrassment campaigns”?


  5. What a cool write up. It reminds me that I was recently reading Chris Claremont’s early Ms. Marvel and found a delightful appearance of Peter Forbear making up some bullshit science declaration for a thing that is basically just magic.

  6. Courtney Smith says:

    Cool write up! I found this great appearance of our friend Dr. Corneau in MS. MARVEL issue 6.


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