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Mutant, Trans, and Proud

We sold out of the pins at ECCC, but this seemed like the right month to put this design on t-shirts (and notebooks, and phone cases, and a bunch of other stuff):

That said, we feel pretty strongly that this is a design that should be in everybody’s hands. You’re of course welcome to buy our merch above; but if you want to DIY your own, you can download a high-resolution stencil below. This stencil is free for use for any non-commercial projects.

It is ALSO free for use on specific commercial projects, with one major caveat (on the honor system):

If your business is not trans-owned, any proceeds from merchandise you sell with this design should go to Trans Lifeline or another trans advocacy organization.

(Also, we’d love to see anything folks make with this, private or commercial!)

Thanks to Dylan Meconis for design and file-formatting assistance!


  1. As a trans-woman and long-time listener I really love and appreciate this design. It’s so exciting! Many thanks to Dylan, as well! I’ve always felt so connected to and empowered by the X-Men and this design is perfect. My love for it aside, I am concerned by the use of the phrase “Mutant, Trans, and Proud,” which I’ve also seen accompany the design on Tumblr. Early in the podcast, (like SUPER early, I think) you both spoke about how the use of “Mutant and Proud” in X-Men: First Class overtly co-opted the Black Power Movement, so I’m a bit confused as to why it was incorporated here. Obviously the Black Power Movement and queer liberation (or even the Mutant Liberation) aren’t mutually exclusive, nor should they ever be, but I’m not sure I understand why this wording was used. Maybe there’s something I’m missing? What led you to settle on “Mutant, Trans, and Proud” when it could evoke the same kind of co-optation as in the films?

  2. That’s a very stylish logo.

    Apropos of very little, and you may already know this, a couple of years ago, for Pride Month, they changed the traffic signals for about 50 road crossings in Central London from the usual “little green man”, to a number of different symbols, including the trans symbol.


    The usual parties were up in arms about it, so they must have been doing something right.

  3. Five years later, I’ve stumbled upon this after searching “x-men mutant symbol” in response to a Republican legislator comparing us trans people to mutants. I needed a new phone case anyway, and I might try decorating something with that stencil too. ⚧️

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