Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 243 – And Now We Are Five

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Art by David Wynne.

These are the episodes we mentioned, in chronological order:

And, just for kicks, here are all the episodes with songs:

Special thanks to all our patrons; to Bobby Roberts, Kyle Yount, Kurt Loyd, Matt Hunter, David Wynne, Mike Miller, Katie Proctor, Books With Pictures, The Steep & Thorny Way to Heaven, Phoenix Comics & Games, Tea Fougner, Anna Sheffey, our families, and the Mutant Revolution Discord; and to the X-Men and everyone who’s given them life over the last 56 years. Mutatis Mutandis!



  1. I have no shame in admitting that one of my favorite episodes to listen to on a bad day is the “Man Thing” episode….you know the one. I firmly believe that that single episode represents both the best and worst this amazing podcast has to offer. Oh BTW, thank you for starting the episode with Sexy Dr. Corbeau music, that always makes my day. Thank you again for five great years.

  2. One of my favorite things is the “take a drink” ding. As a running joke AND a sound cue AND Kitty Pryde-based, it’s pretty much the trifecta of things that appeal to me.

  3. I’m a little biased, but I’m partial to Episode 209 – the one where Jay and Miles put my question about how I should feel about naming my son Xavier to no less an authority than a Jordan White, the X-Line editor! The earnestness and enthusiasm with which they took the question was touching. And I am just tickled to be one of the lucky few to be a part of the podcast canon.

    Xavier is doing well by the way. He’s a 7-month old in 18-month clothes (!!!), so his mutation is more along the lines of Hank McCoy than Charles Xavier. Also hasn’t faked his death yet. His mother and I would settle for sleeping through the night.

    Thanks for the last 5 years, Jay and Miles. A hearty “Yaybo” to the next 5!

  4. I got back into reading comics last summer after many years off (PhD life is the worst). Following Tom Taylor around got me back into the X-men and led me to your show (and binge listening to 4+ years in 3 months). One of your earliest episodes on the young Cyclops helped me understand in deep and meaningful ways a character I’ve never had a connection to. I won’t say Cyclops is a favorite (I still disagree with most of his decisions and maybe shout at him while reading), but your insights have enriched my reading of the most recent years and rereading of older comics. They also make the current Uncanny X-men run make so much more sense.

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