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HAWK TALK – What We Blew Up On Our Summer Vacation

This would usually be a skip week, but the world is still being a jerk, so we made you a bonus, entirely unedited, and almost entirely off-topic episode. This time, Miles and guest hawk Anna Sheffey talked about playing too much Resident Evil during lockdown.


  1. Oh, Resident Evil. I can remember playing these late at night on my original Playstation. I loved the early ones. I actually jumped the first time those dogs jumped through the windows while exploring the mansion, or the way my heart raced when Nemesis busted through a wall with his mumbled roar of “STARS!”

    The last Resident Evil I actually played and completed was Code: Veronica on the Sega Dreamcast. I tried to play Resident Evil 4 but I just could never make it past the first area. I was probably playing it wrong. I also tried playing 7, but I am not a fan of first person. I don’t know why. I even play Fallout and Elder Scrolls in the third person view.

    All that being said, I enjoy the Silent Hill series more, but Resident Evil was a great introduction to horror games. I can only hope that some day someone will remake/remaster the first three Silent Hill games in the same loving manner that Resident Evil 2 was made.

    1. Also wanted to add, it was cool to hear Anna on here for the first time. A small, whimsical part of myself thinks it would be great to get a Anna and Tea Explain Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men. It’s a lot of work and not something very practical, but it makes me smile to think about it.

  2. Really enjoyed this break from the norm and trip down horror memory lane 🙂 all of it resonated with me as a long term Resi player – itchy tasty, and livejournal! And yes, the games do get silly, but pleased that evolved to keep existing, unlike poor Silent Hill. Nice to hear Anna on the pod too, she has a very easy, warm and engaging style. I’m happy for more videogame detours as they come!

  3. I don’t know if this will make y’all feel better about Resident Evil 4, but the setting is actually rather more specific than “generic Europe”; it’s rural Spain, as evidenced by the money and more importantly the language the Ganado speak, which is Spanish (which–fun fact–actually makes the game easier if you understand it–enemies will outright tell you when they’re behind you). And while it’d be incorrect to say that all of Spain is uniformly white (particularly given all the influence from Northern Africa) the country’s position as one of the history’s great colonizing nations makes it one of the safer ones to treat as an other, at least in my book.

  4. You guys make Resident Evil sound so fun ? Starting at the beginning w older games is the best. Do you guys enjoy Witcher? My hubby and I just did a play through of Witcher 1. Entertaining AF

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