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345 – All of the Marvels (feat. Douglas Wolk)

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which author and friend of the podcast Douglas Wolk joins us to discuss his upcoming book All of the Marvels; his epic quest to read all Marvel Comics, ever; and what he learned along the way.


No visual companion this week!

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  1. Some fun discussion through continuity of things other than the X-Men? Unexpected, but by no means unwelcome! 🙂

    Though I find myself in equal parts awe and fear of Douglas Wolk because, honestly, anyone who could what he did is surely capable of pretty much ANYTHING!

    1. I didn’t quite grasp the sheer horror of it until he said the part about having to shut himself up in an apartment with all of the Punisher comics. That’s…that’s… oh my God…

  2. I guess this is as good a place as any to ask but what happened to Mimic after Extermination? He has always been one of my favorite characters going back to the original Marvel rpg where I played him as part of the adjectiveless team. So do we know what he’s doing during the Hickman era?

  3. I’m so excited for this book! Also, I’ve already recommended this episode to a friend who teaches comics since some of the discussion about the history fo citation in comics, as well as the unique nature of collaboration in superhero comics, is A+.

    I’m VERY curious if – in any way – Wolk deals with the fact that almost certainly 9 months have to pass at least between Uncanny X-Men 175 and 200 (One could argue between 168 and 200, but I have a very hard time seeing Scott Summers as a man who has unprotected sex out of wedlock). It came up in a conversation recently and it’s probably one of my favorite weird locking in moments of Marvel time.

  4. I haven’t been this excited for a book since The Best There is at What He Does, the book examining Chris Claremont’s run by, I think, Jason Powell? I live for these kinds of books.

  5. GggrrrrREAT ep!
    The Tony the Tiger stamp of approval.
    What a feat to have read all that. That should be an Olympic sport.

    YAYAYA , Wolverine solo series next!

  6. Whoa! No mention for Roy Thomas or John Buscema? By my reckoning if Gerry Conway’s on the list, these two certainly should be. Roy is also the most obvious early fan-turned-pro at Marvel. His early work featuring many callbacks to the comics of his youth. For instance, I suspect that the Vision appears on the cover of Avengers #57 surrounded by smoke because the Golden Age Vision travelled to our dimension through smoke. Similarly, Rick Jones ends the Kree-Skrull war by being a fanboy. What with Reed using monster comics to frighten off the first Skrull invasion, the Skrulls are probably not fans of comics. Anyway, this was fun and the book sounds great.
    After this episode I did check when the Ladronn/Robinson/Casey run on Cable starts…it’s after Onslaught. I feel a little like the kid who has tried to distract the teacher into talking about anything other than the set lesson and failed.

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