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HAWK TALK – Online Communities

This would usually be a skip week, but thanks to some generous donors to Equality Florida, Hawk Talk is back! This week’s topic was chosen by Play Comics.


  1. I’m very socially awkward and suffer from social anxiety. To the point that I don’t even play MMOs because even those interactions feel like too much. I had facebook for family interactions but I’ve long since abandoned that platform. Mostly I stick to things like this site, some youtube videos, and Real Gentlemen of Leisure.

    It took me about a year of listening to this podcast before I ever even posted on here. I was encouraged by the fairly intelligent and considerate people who were posting.

    All that being said, I did use to be really active on the Cinescape/Mania forums and then the Spoil the Dead forums after that.

  2. I think we should all take-it-upon ourselves as SJWs to comb-through all of pop-culture content history, judge people of-a-different-time by TODAYS stricter-standards, and condem-&-CANCEL any offenders!!
    er, and uh, TEAR-DOWN LOTS OF STATUES too!!!

    1. I feel like it says a lot about the people who make this kind of rants that you needlessly hyphenated a bunch of phrasal verbs and nominal and prepositional constructions in a frankly random pattern and yet somehow forgot to use an apostrophe before the genitive of “today”.

      1. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen quite so literal a demonstration of “schooling someone”! 🙂

  3. I confess that social media tends to leave me cold. I use Facebook to stay in touch with people from home, and extended family members etc, but don’t use it for anything else. Twitter I feel like bringing a flamethrower with me, and I have yet to see how Instagram has possibly influenced so many people.

    I have accounts on a couple of others platforms, but hardly ever use them and even then only for lurking.

    Like Jay, my exception is tumblr, which is a chaotic, alogrithm free, maelstrom of self-curated content, which my gremlin-like hind brain enjoys immensely.

    I liked old school forum format because, yes, I like to have as permanent as history as I can. I have a vested interest in Scans-Daily of course, which goes back to it’s early days in the early 2000’s and which, thanks to Dreamwidth’s approach, maintains pretty much all of the old school Livejournal format, which I liked. (And their tolerance for slash material and kink was a plus, as it wasn’t that common back then)

    I AM glad that I created Icon_UK as a “splinter self” back when I started using such spaces. The compartmentalisation is… convenient.

    1. I’ve been on Tumblr a little but I feel like I need to research how the platform works. I admit to be extremely confused by its interface.

  4. I have a Blogger blog and there are a few other active comic blogs I still read, and that’s about it for online communities I’m active in. I was on HCRealms (I assume I still have an account), but when I hadn’t played Heroclix in years, it seemed kind of pointless. I post on AO3 and comment on people’s stories sometimes, but I don’t feel like I’m part of a community, really.

    There are about 8 Twitter accounts I read (half comic bloggers who don’t post much on blogs anymore and half people who write about sports), but Twitter just seems like a good way to get in trouble trying to express a complex idea in very few words. There are several Tumblr blogs I read, but like Sinister Pryde, I don’t entirely understand how it works. Reblogs versus reposts versus likes and whatnot. By the time I considered getting a Facebook account, the stories about how they sell your info and whatnot were getting attention and it just seemed like a bad idea.

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