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Mutant, Trans, and Proud

We sold out of the pins at ECCC, but this seemed like the right month to put this design on t-shirts (and notebooks, and phone cases, and a bunch of other stuff):

That said, we feel pretty strongly that this is a design that should be in everybody’s hands. You’re of course welcome to buy our merch above; but if you want to DIY your own, you can download a high-resolution stencil below. This stencil is free for use for any non-commercial projects.

It is ALSO free for use on specific commercial projects, with one major caveat (on the honor system):

If your business is not trans-owned, any proceeds from merchandise you sell with this design should go to Trans Lifeline or another trans advocacy organization.

(Also, we’d love to see anything folks make with this, private or commercial!)

Thanks to Dylan Meconis for design and file-formatting assistance!

November Shirt of the Month: ALL OF THEM!

Oh, dang, y’all.

We were going to wait to announce this until November proper, but we were so excited waiting for the beginning of Secret Convergence that we decided to jump the gun and launch a couple days early.

November’s shirt of the month is… ALL OF THEM. Every shirt of the month ever, back in our store. Check out the designs below–and then read on for a big announcement about the future of the Shirts of the Month!


When we started doing shirts of the month, we were really excited; and over the last ten months, we’ve had a lot of fun and put out some rad shirts. But we’ve noticed two problems:

  • FIRST: The nature of the Shirt of the Month program means that either we have to pull some of our favorite designs after just a month; or we swamp the store.
  • SECOND: Because of the first problem, there are designs–ones we really want to do and suspect you’ll really want to wear–that we’ve been sitting on for ages, both because we don’t want them to disappear and because we’re swamped with the monthly stuff.

Fortunately, one of the nice things about being our own bosses is that we get to make the big calls. To that end, here’s what’s going to happen:

  • During NOVEMBER and DECEMBER, every shirt of the month (and the Demon Bear leggings!)will be on sale in our shop; and we’re also putting those designs on some new products!
  • Beginning in JANUARY, we’ll be adding some of those shirts to our permanent selection and phasing others out. We’re not yet sure which; so if there’s one you’ve got your heart set on, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET IT.
  • From January on, there will be no more shirts of the month. Instead, we’ll be adding new designs–and sometimes phasing out old ones–as we come up with ideas we want to do.


  • One of the things we want to start doing in 2016 is collaborating with local printers to do limited-edition shirts, probably on a pre-order system. They won’t be monthly–but they also won’t be constrained by Redbubble options, which means things like full-bleed designs and a larger size range on limited editions.

EDITED TO ADD: Yes, all our other shirts are still up, too! You can find the whole kit ‘n’ kaboodle at the shop home, or just the shirts of the month over here.

October 2015 Shirt of the Month – 616 OR BUST!


Forget California–Marvel fans know where the real action is! Hitch a ride into the multiverse with October’s shirt of the month, a collaboration from Katie Moody and Rachel Edidin.

616_or_bustThis design is available on a whole bunch of apparel–including kid and infant sizes–as well as tote bags, travel mugs, throw pillows, and stickers.

NOTE: This is a limited-run shirt! It will DISAPPEAR FOREVER from the shop on November 1, 2015; get ’em while they last!

September 2015 Shirt of the Month: I SURVIVED SECRET WARS

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.01.18 AM

As yet another crossover event draws to a close, it’s time to count our longboxes, lick our wounds, and breathe a sigh of relief that we’ve lived to read another day. In that spirit, we present September’s shirt of the month, designed by the one and only Dylan Todd!



(Because, really, if there’s one single moment that sums up everything about crossover events, it’s the time Spider-Man had to teach the Beyonder to poop.)

As usual, the design is available on a whole mess of apparel–including kid and infant sizes, because if there’s any lesson you should take away from our podcast, it’s that continuity-heavy bathroom humor is for everyone. There are also tote bags and stickers!

NOTE: This is a limited-run shirt! It will DISAPPEAR FOREVER from the shop on October 1, 2015; get ’em while they last!


August 2015 Shirt of the Month: X-Gamers


Who needs a Danger Room when you can hone your battlefield skills AND rack up EXP against a Beholder? The X-Men gather ‘round the gaming table for some all-new, all-different training in August’s shirt of the month, featuring art by David Wynne!

the game transparency


In addition to covering your torso and impressing your friends and neighbors, the August, 2015 shirt of the months grants +1 on continuity-related checks.* It’s available on a wide variety of wearables, including kids’ clothes; as well as tote bags, travel mugs, and stickers!

NOTE: This is a limited-run shirt! It will DISAPPEAR FOREVER from the shop on September 1, 2015; get ’em while they last!

*Results not guaranteed in actual gameplay. Always run house rules by your GM. Not recommended for use against gazebos.

Button Up!


Are you one of the many folks who’s been waiting to find out where and when you can order the snazzy buttons we made for ECCC?


We’ve teamed up with Elle Collins–our friend and regular partner in podcast crime–to offer Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men buttons at Strange Tomorrow! You can get all the designs pictured above, in a ton of colors; and be sure to click over to the rest of the shop for some really kickass recycled-comics badges and custom options.


May 2015 Shirt of the Month – Nobody Knows I’m a Clone of Jean Grey



Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.08.24 AM

Because these days, who isn’t raised in a tube by Mr. Sinister to guarantee the genetic integrity of the Grey line and eventual downfall of Apocalypse?


This month, designer Dylan Todd takes us straight up to the intersection of mad science and cosmic forces! What could possibly go wrong?

Nobody Knows I’m a Clone of Jean Grey is available in adult and children’s styles and stickers until June 1, 2015, at which point it will disappear forever! Or will it? With that phoenix in the logo, you can never be quite sure…

(For mildly unsettling couple’s cosplay, pair with Probably a Summers Brother.)



April 2015 T-Shirt & Leggings of the Month: Demon Bear

Because you demanded* it: THE DEMON BEAR SHIRT!

Art by David Wynne!
Art by David Wynne!

When David Wynne’s gorgeous Demon Bear illustration went up with Episode 32, a lot of you asked when you’d see it on a t-shirt. We are happy to announce that your wait is over: the Demon Bear is officially April’s t-shirt of the month!

But that’s not all: we’re also doing a limited run of Demon Bear leggings! Do YOU want to wrap your entire body in a nightmare creature from dimensions beyond human ken?** CONGRATULATIONS. NOW YOU CAN.


Demon Bear t-shirts and leggings will be available until May 1, 2015, then disappear forever. (Travel mugs will of course continue to stick around for as long as they remain hilarious.)

*Actually, you have been asking very politely for a very long time now. We appreciate that.

**Before someone asks: We did in fact try to do a Screaming Bear Crotch variant, but alas, it did not work out with the placement of the seams on Redbubble leggings.

March 2015 T-Shirt of the Month: What’s New Shadowcat?

Saving the world is all well and good, but Kitty Pryde knows what superheroism is REALLY about: the costumes!

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 3.41.38 AM

What's New Shadowcat

This month, we’re celebrating Kitty’s myriad and multiversal superthreads with David Wynne’s fantastic homage to the classic Frazetta What’s New Pussycat? poster, featuring a whopping seven of Kitty’s signature looks over the years. For bonus mileage, go meta and incorporate it into your own superhero costume—or use the matching mugs to get you through the Kitty’s Costumes drinking game next time you marathon the Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men archives!

What’s New Shadowcat? shirts will be available until April 1, then disappear forever (mugs, tote bags, and/or throw pillows may persevere longer). David also has the original art for sale over here!