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Rose City Comic Con Gallery!

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Jay and Al spent the weekend making X-Men minicomics! You can read all of them right over here!

126 – Live at Rose City Comic Con, with Greg Pak

Art by David Wynne. No prints this week, but you can contact David to purchase the original!

Art by David Wynne. No prints this week, but you can contact David to purchase the original!

In which we return to Rose City Comic Con and somehow manage to one-up last year’s Stryfe cold open; Greg Pak has secretly written all of the X-books; Cullen Bunn may or may not be watching you RIGHT NOW; the X-Men distill down to murder and kissing; Toshiro Mifune should be everybody; Miles swears first (for once); and we can’t wait to see all of your X-Men roller derby names!


  • Cold open escalation
  • Onslaught
  • Greg Pak
  • Continuity exegesis
  • Marrying history and narrative
  • Murder and kissing
  • X-Treme X-Men vol. 2
  • Reimagining characters across the multiverse
  • Governor-General James Howlett
  • Magneto: Testament
  • Where superheroes should and shouldn’t intersect with geopolitical events
  • Our X-Men buddy-cop duos of choice
  • X-Commencement speakers
  • X-Men roller derby names
  • Contemporary vs. retrospective representations of current events

NEXT WEEK: The New Mutants go to Asgard!

There’s not exactly a visual companion to this episode, but you can find a Rose City Comic Con gallery on our blog!

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No prints for sale this time, but you can still contact David Wynne for the original of this week’s illustration!

Jay and Miles at Rose City Comic Con 2016



Here’s a handy cheat sheet for what we’ll be up to all weekend:


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