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As Mentioned in Episode 429 – Slightly Sticky

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429 – Slightly Sticky

Dracularmy (X-Men Unlimited #21)

In which you should stop hatin’, there’s a big difference between fill-ins and filler, Snow Valley needs higher Ferris wheel standards, Todd DeZago must really hate video rental clerks, and we’re all monsters – some of us just smell better than others.


  • Strong Guy’s hellacious history
  • The nature and purpose of X-Men Unlimited
  • X-Men Unlimited #20-21
  • Rock Trolls (Chambliss, Nettles, and Munson)
  • What Asgard was up to in 1998
  • Magik vs magic
  • The Snow Valley Harvest Festival
  • Jubilation Lee, one of the guys
  • Eagles vs Hats
  • Fatman, Beardlady-o, Stickman-o, & Frogman-o
  • Tic Tac Toe fundamentals
  • Angry mobs
  • Paige Guthrie, Angry Mom
  • The many potential applications of Husk’s powers
  • Falls Edge, VA vs Eagle Ridge, WV
  • Payphones & video rental stores
  • X-friends
  • Rutland, VT (again)
  • Melvin J. Weals
  • Helen Back
  • The Donnybrook Country Club
  • Cat Fancier & Motorcycle Conventions
  • The Shi’ar Wardrobe Transmogrifier
  • Steel (the Shaq one)
  • The worst pun we’ve ever seen in a comic
  • Earth: the Hipster Planet
  • Which X-Men throw the best and/or wildest Halloween parties
  • Fan-casting X-voices

NEXT EPISODE: The X-Men team up with the Fantastic Four!

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