Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

429 – Slightly Sticky

Dracularmy (X-Men Unlimited #21)

In which you should stop hatin’, there’s a big difference between fill-ins and filler, Snow Valley needs higher Ferris wheel standards, Todd DeZago must really hate video rental clerks, and we’re all monsters – some of us just smell better than others.


  • Strong Guy’s hellacious history
  • The nature and purpose of X-Men Unlimited
  • X-Men Unlimited #20-21
  • Rock Trolls (Chambliss, Nettles, and Munson)
  • What Asgard was up to in 1998
  • Magik vs magic
  • The Snow Valley Harvest Festival
  • Jubilation Lee, one of the guys
  • Eagles vs Hats
  • Fatman, Beardlady-o, Stickman-o, & Frogman-o
  • Tic Tac Toe fundamentals
  • Angry mobs
  • Paige Guthrie, Angry Mom
  • The many potential applications of Husk’s powers
  • Falls Edge, VA vs Eagle Ridge, WV
  • Payphones & video rental stores
  • X-friends
  • Rutland, VT (again)
  • Melvin J. Weals
  • Helen Back
  • The Donnybrook Country Club
  • Cat Fancier & Motorcycle Conventions
  • The Shi’ar Wardrobe Transmogrifier
  • Steel (the Shaq one)
  • The worst pun we’ve ever seen in a comic
  • Earth: the Hipster Planet
  • Which X-Men throw the best and/or wildest Halloween parties
  • Fan-casting X-voices

NEXT EPISODE: The X-Men team up with the Fantastic Four!

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  1. It’s nice to know that in the MU, my all time favorite bane did not break up on Halloween 1995, but kept performing long enough that I might plausibly have gotten to see them.

  2. I hate to be gross, but Husk’s powers are really weird and gross in general. Like, where does “skin” end on a body? Lips? How much of the interior of my mouth is skin? Does every “husk” she leaves in her wake have a butthole? And everything else? Are nipples skin? Fingernails? It just raises so many questions.

    1. It’s been shown in the past to be the first few layers of skin, a wispy semi translucent cast. Like the first Gen-X issue, where she chooses to just rip off a skin to freshen up instead of having a shower, and then just leaves it lying around the grounds (See the “As Mentioned” for Episode 297 for images of that, because I ain’t linking to it).

      I don’t think anything beyond her lips is included, but yes, I suspect a butthole would be included (That’s a new and weird thought to have added to my list, so thanks for that.) Her hair tends to not be included if it’s just an ordinary “shedding”, but obeys the “Rule of Cool” if she’s turning into something visually striking.

      Of course, she’s had a lot of time to find out new quirks and tricks with her power, so maybe she can shed thicker layers of skin now.

      1. As to Husk’s power I always assumed the answer was somewhere between “Rule of Cool” and “The way her power works is… LOOK! A UFO!”

      2. I’ll have to remind myself of that episode. Can she do pieces? She could remove a “glove” of her skin to make a fist of stone or something? Maybe that needs more control and she’ll get there as she gets older.

  3. Yeah, I think we have to assume that the trolls a A dog, and assumed it was Max when they heard someone looking for their dog they jumped to the obvious conclusion.

    I think my Health and Safety questions about the ferris wheel would be less about the lever and more about the fact it managed to break free of it’s entire support structure and roll off on it’s own at the slightest malfunction.

    Yeah, I’m with Jay on this one. Love them though I do, I don’t think Doug and Kitty would throw great parties. Fantastic games-nights (videogames from every decade, D&D sessions in the Danger Room, etc.) but not actual… socialising type parties.

    Kurt would always be my go to for fun parties (Also Hank, though it would depend how evil he was at the time), and Emma would throw one HELL(fire) of a swanky soiree (Or would hire people to do so). I’d also like to think that DJ of the Paragons would actually be a mean _actual_ DJ with Bling for a dance party, probably being mentored by Dazzler.

    And I know that this is the podcast of my heart when Jay casually states that Mr Sinister sounds like Tim Curry (or aspires to) because of COURSE he does (Look, Frank N Furter would be enough, but the man then went on to sing a song as a puddle of toxic slime in “Ferngully” which hits an 8.9 on the Sexual Richter Scale.)

    (Also, Toad sounds like Peter Lorre and Mastermind sounds like Paul Lynde…. I don’t make the rules)

    1. Oh, and I did suspect that “Helen Back”, and the “Hell Toupee” were nods to Peter David’s pun-laden times with X-Factor.

  4. X-Men Unlimited started strong and just kind of became less and less “essential” as it went. I think after Ages of Apocalypse it just becomes a standard anthology title with mostly throw away stories.

    I can see Tim Curry as Mr. Sinister but in my own head it’s Eddie Izzard. They do a good job of both flamboyant and smug, as evidenced in Mystery Men. Incidentally, Apocalypse is Geoffrey Rush in my head. I actually hear Tim Curry when I read Mojo.

    1. After I watched Nando v Movies cast Mike Myers as Mojo I can’t unhear that. I don’t think Mojo has that oozing charm of Curry. It’s the manic desperation and willingness to debase himself for even the slightest increase in viewership. But the fact they can be all these people is just pure fun for us nerds to have our own versions of them.

      1. I hadn’t considered Michael Myers in X-Men before. But now I’m going to be reading Ahab in his voice. Which is weird, because you think Geoffery Rush would be a better fit given his work in Pirates of the Carribean.

  5. I know this isn’t strictly on topic for the episode, but apparently something significant involving Warlock has been happening in Issue 3 of a Spider-Man comic recently. Does anyone know anything about this?

    1. I only read a couple of Spider-Man comics and Warlock hasn’t appeared in any of them. I wonder if he’s meant to put in an appearance in Uncanny Spider-Man #3?

      1. Without spoiling anything: Uncanny Spider-Man #3 is indeed the issue in question! (And as a side note, that comic is a TON of fun if anyone has been considering reading it. Si Spurrier writes a very sexy and fun Nightcrawler.)

        1. I’ve been reading all of the Fall of X and having a great time! I’m a little sad the Krakoa era is coming to an end but it’s been, so far, an exciting way to go.

          And Si Spurrier writes the second sexiest Nightcrawler, after Alan Davis.

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