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Art, Shirts, and an Announcement

You’ve probably already seen it in the Episode 24 posts, but we are so in love with David’s Ororo: Queen of the Galaxy illustration that we’re posting it one more time for good measure. If you’re a collector of discerning taste, you can still snap up the original from David here; prints will be available here through October 5.


Ororo, Queen of the Galaxy, by David Wynne
Ororo, Queen of the Galaxy, by David Wynne

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT (and we really wanted one), Probably a Summers Brother t-shirts (and stickers, and tote bags, and other stuff) are now available in several permutations at our Redbubble shop, sporting a snazzy design by Dylan Todd. Rachel will be rocking hers at NYCC:

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 2.02.06 PM


Finally, on a slightly less cheerful note, it looks like episode 24 will be our last on Comics Alliance. This is a wholly amicable split–they’re shifting some things around in terms of how they handle podcasts, and it didn’t make sense for them to keep us onboard. Rachel’s still writing for them periodically, and updates will continue here–as well as on iTunes and Stitcher–as usual.


  1. 1. Awesome art, as always.
    2. Awesome shirt, as always.
    3. As for the split with CA, glad to know that it’s done with no hard feelings. That being said, will episodes still be airing here on Sundays? Or will they move to Thursdays? Just curious when I’ll be listening to the dulcet tones of Rachel and Miles!

  2. I like Comics Alliance, but one thing they seem to be bad at is knowing when things are ending far enough in advance to announce them. It would have been nice if the CA post for episode 24 had said something like, “Sadly, this is our last post here, so be sure and follow us on these other sites if you want to keep listening.” But oh well.

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