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As Mentioned in Episode 24 – Ororo, Queen of the Galaxy

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  1. Uncanny X-Men #175 is my favorite Scott/Cyclops comic, so far. It’s such a treat to read every time. His tactics in the Danger Room are masterful.

    Too bad Paul Smith departed in this issue.

    Thanks for another wonderful episode!

  2. I have such mixed feelings about #175. On the one hand, it is a great Cyclops issue. On the other hand, the entire Maddie Pryor thing is TERRIBLE. It started off entirely contrived, and just got worse and worse and worse.

    Actually, that sort of sums up the next few years of the X-men for me. Great stuff mixed with terrible stuff…

  3. Speaking of Walt Simonson and X-Men, have you covered X-Men/Teen Titans yet, and if not, do you have plans to do so in the future?

    1. I was actually wondering the exact same thing! I know they’ve not covered it yet, but it would be a shame to not at least mention it.

      I mean, we get Darkseid messing with Scott’s head, just because he can, and Cyclops taking part of the Phoenix Force.
      31 years before AvX.

  4. Thank you guys so much for doing this podcast. It is one of the few things I can look forward to at work on Monday morning. Also, the fact that you keep mentioning Harvey and Janet just fills me with delight ev.er.y.time.

  5. A brief list of things I love:

    1. Storm/Callisto

    2. Callisto’s wedding outfit. My god, Callisto’s wedding outfit.

    3. Kitty and Illyana being BFFs

    4. Storm/Yukio

    5. MOHAWK STORM!!!

    6. Scott’s outfit with the blue tie from #170. It’s a pure Scott Summers look, but it’s also legit stylish, IMHO. Paul Smith was the best at drawing the X-Men in people clothes.

    7. The way Claremont draws on one of his own repeated tropes for a Mastermind-created fake-out. Just as he always has cameos from other heroes when something massive is going down, here we see the Avengers and the Starjammers dealing (fatally) with the return of Phoenix, but none of it is actually happening.

    8. Scott being great at what he does one last time and then getting (what was meant to be) a happily ever after ending. That’s new for him (and sadly, would still be new for him if it happened now).

  6. Hey, that’s the first cold open that I actually was familiar with! The S.W.O.R.D reveal mostly, I still need to read the issues that introduce Lockheed.

    Are you going to talk about Mohawk Storm more next episode? Since the actual out-of-story explanation behind it is pretty fascinating.

  7. God DAMN, I love Paul Smith’s art. I remember when these were new issues and I was a kid getting them in the mail by subscription. Golden years. Much feels.

  8. It’s a great scene, but it always irritated me to no end that Rogue has to fly FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT to get in front of that laser beam.

    1. Perhaps the problem is with the media. For it to work you have to interpret the image like she flew towards Logan before Viper pushed the trigger and the laser flies behind her, not the other way around. Too much for a single image, maybe. But that’s really a tricky one, I had never realised the problem!

  9. I’ve tried to find the version of Kitty pointing that says “Stop Telling Women to Smile” but google has been failing me.

  10. FUN FACT: George Gozum, the fan from the Kitty Kostume Korner page, is the guy who later designed the Goblin Queen costume! We used to hang around in the CBR forums. He’s a cool guy.

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