Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 13

Week of November 12, 2014

In which we are pleasantly surprised by Logan Legacy.


  • Axis #5 (0:28)
  • *Logan Legacy #4 (2:53)
  • Nightcrawler #8 (5:00)
  • Captain Marvel #9 (6:27)

*Pick of the week (8:10)

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  1. Yeah. That Lady Deathstrike comic really felt like the start of an on-going solo series, didn’t it? I wasn’t quite as enamored with the art as you guys. I agree that it’s gorgeous and fits the tone really well, but I had a hard time following the action in several places. Although I tend to read through comics quickly without pausing to focus on each panel, so it’s probably just as much my fault.

    To be fair to Axis, I did enjoy the call-out from Spider-Man when Captain Falcon America said something ridiculous. At least Remender realizes he’s writing something completely over-the-top and ridiculous. Although that self-awareness doesn’t really make up for the fact that it’s still just as over-the-top and ridiculous. From Civil War to Avengers vs. X-Men to Fear Itself to Axis, it’s like Marvel’s big events are becoming increasingly more like an 8-year-old bashing his toys together. Doesn’t give me much hope for the upcoming Secret Wars event given the already dubious reputation of the original.

  2. So your review convinced me to give that issue of the Logan Legacy a shot, and holy crap! That issue was amazing. I vaguely remember Lady Deathstrike from her appearances on X-Men cartoon with that terrible costume and a pretty generic vengeance streak. In fact, the first time I read classic Wolverine mini I thought that Yuriko was a per-cyborg version of Lady Deathstrike.

    (Also, I guess she was in X2, but since she didn’t talk and they never mentioned her backstory it almost doesn’t count)

    After reading that, I am totally on board for a Lady Deathstrike on-going (or at least a miniseries). I haven’t read much of Marguerite Bennett’s work, but I definitely need to keep her books on my radar now.

    I don’t know if someone’s pointed this out to you already, but the blog post lists Axis #4. Though I can’t blame you if they’re all running together after a while.

  3. Today only (11/14) there is a sale on comixology/Marvel digital/Marvel comics app on 56 issues of the Claremont run for a dollar each (#144-199). The sale ends at 11 Eastern tonight, though, so if anyone’s interested, get on it now!

  4. I’d been enjoying Nightcrawler so far. Claremont had been given a book that played to his strengths and, for the first time in ages, I was really digging something with his name on it.

    But the villain reveal this issue sent my eyes rolling right to the back of my head. It’s a well Claremont has gone back to over and over again, with diminishing returns, and it’s frustrating to see this series go that direction too.

  5. Okay, the D&D alignment discussion makes total sense for the Avengers and X-Men as a whole, but I don’t think it applies very well to Hulk/Kluh. Hulk at various times could be described as Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral. Whereas Kluh, while solidly Evil, definitely doesn’t seem any less Chaotic.

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