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Into It – The X-Men and Marvel Continuity


Rachel Here:

Elle Collins and I spend a lot of time talking about X-Men and the Marvel Universe, but this week, we did it on the record! R&MXtXM tends to be really continuity-crunchy and microfocused; being a guest on Into It was a really different (and really fun) chance to take a more macro look at comics and characters I love, starting with X-Men and ultimately sprawling into most of the Marvel Universe (with bonus Heathers, terrifying Franklin Richards, and more).


  1. Thanks again for being on the show! One of my favorite things about this episode is how very different it is from an episode of Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men. Into It is a much more casually paced, deliberately more rambling podcast, and that gives our whole conversation a very different energy from what the listeners here are no doubt used to.

    1. Yeah. It was nice getting to meander–Miles and I usually (read: always, except for Episode 27) record from a pretty tight outline, which is great when you’re trying to get through a set amount of material in a set time, but less awesome for following interesting digressions wherever they lead.

      Also: I 100% stand by my description of Namor as the Wallace Wells of Marvel.

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