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Your Quiet Cyclops Moment of the Week

(From Uncanny X-Men #28. W: Brian Michael Bendis; A: Kris Anka. Are you following this book? You should be. It’s consistently superlative, notwithstanding what we presume is a balloon error in panel 3.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 9.29.30 AM


  1. I just loved this book, and it made me happy to see it make the pick of the week. With the right artist and writer, Cyclops doesn’t need any facial expressions beyond his mouth to express volumes of emotion. Sometimes not even that.

    The body language used in this page, and also on several other pages, just screamed that Cyclops genuinely wants to help this guy – at least to make sure he doesn’t see the same problems happen again…

    …but also because he, on some level, wants to be redeemed himself. It’s pretty telling that we got Dark Phoenix Cyclops in there, among all the others who went mad with power.

    1. Totally. I actually did a couple fairly detailed breakdowns of exactly that in issues 25 and 26 a few months back. (TL;DR – Anka and Bachalo are both great at body language.)

      And yes–that Dark Phoenix detail is so good.

      1. Honestly, Anka might be my favorite X-Artist right now, and he’s quickly falling into the “of all time” bracket.

        Although he’s going to have a fight against Romita Jr, Byrne, Cockhram, and even Sienkiewicz (even though I’ve not read New Mutants before the podcast, it’s hard to argue against his awesome art)… it’s hard to argue against someone who respects the Octopusheim Cyclops.

        And then drew him in that horribly awesome outfit.

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