Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 20

Week of January 7, 2015

In which we hit our 20th round of video reviews, G. Willow Wilson rocks X-Men, and we kind of fixate on a guy with some birds.


  • *Storm #7 (00:46)
  • Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program #5 (3:04)
  • All-New X-Factor #19 (5:10)
  • Wolverines #1 (7:37)
  • X-Men #23 (9:51)

*Pick of the Week (14:22)

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  1. I agree with Rachel’s view on All-New X-Factor, its struggling. To add onto Mile’s comment on X-Force being at Burning Man, it was X-Force #75 and the team consisted(at the time) Moonstar, Warpath, Meltdown, Sunspot and Siryn along with Karma and Cannonball(visiting while he was on the X-Men)

    1. I wore through 2 copies of X-Force 75 during high school. I have finally accepted that I am 1-too old, and 2-can’t stand the heat, and will never do Burning Man myself, but that story made it look like so much fun. It was also probably my first exposure to Selene. Technically speaking they called it the “Exploding Colossal Man Shindig and Hullabaloo,” which seems to mean that there are at least 2 Burning Man parallels in the 616.

  2. I agree that Adam X (The X-Treme) is the most likely to be at Burning Man, and would also nominate Glob Herman as a likely Burning Man attendee. Going to Burning Man specifically for the purpose of creeping on women with gross massage offers, however: that is Remy LeBeau all over.

  3. If you subscribe to the idea of a sliding timeline for Marvel characters, then Hank McCoy almost certainly went to Burning Man during his “Carlos Castaneda and group sex” phase.

  4. If you like the “guy arguing with a voice in his head” trope, totally check out the Abnett and Lanning run on Nova. Very, very fun.

    I really love the way Wilson writes Storm. Too many writers see her as just a moral compass or the voice of reason. In this issue she’s curt and arrogant and kind of gets her ass handed to her because of it. That’s a version of the character I want to keep reading about.

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