Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 21

Week of January 14, 2015

In which we continue to be frustrated by Cyclops, but everything else is pretty great.


  • Wolverines #2 (00:23)
  • X-Force #14 (2:23)
  • *Amazing X-Men #15 (4:59)
  • Cyclops #9 (7:26)
  • Nightcrawler #10 (9:39)

*Pick of the week (11:24)

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  1. Colossus: What would Wolverine do?
    Trance: He’d team up with a teenage girl and go kill bad guys.

    Damn right he would.

    1. I assume it’s part of streamlining into whatever massive upheaval’s happening around the upcoming Secret Wars stuff.

      On one hand: I will miss some of these books. On the other hand: I am really excited about the idea of at least one month without an eight-X-issue week.

    2. I googled but couldn’t find anything about which specific books are ending. R&M mentioned Nightcrawler in the reviews, which others are ending?

      1. All-New X-Factor and X-Force are both ending. Nightcrawler *may* be continuing, but Claremont and Nauck’s run on it is confirmed to be ending. No news yet on who, if anyone, is following G. Willow Wilson’s run on X-Men, so that could conceivably be ending too.

    1. I’m not sure I’m actually capable of caring enough about Ogun to have any twists related to him “ruined.”

  2. Wolverines, X-Force and Amazing were all SO GOOD this week. I love reading Storm when she isn’t characterized as super likable, and I think both Wilson and Yost have a really good handle on her grimmer mindset after the Death of Wolverine.

    And yeah, that X-Force issue was a triumph. I’m not sure there was a single page that wasn’t excellent. I liked the end of Legacy a lot, but Spurrier is on a whole different level with this X-Force ending.

    Wolverines is really fun (and I really like the art!), but probably needs about 4-5 fewer characters.

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