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Our January in a nutshell.
Our January in a nutshell.

Realistically, there’s no way we’ll have time to even look at them until later in the month, so we’re extending the deadline of the Corbeau Coloring Contest by one week, to January 21.

ALSO: Some of you expressed interest in an organized Corbeau Swap, in which you’d make awards for each other–kind of a very specific Secret Santa. If you would be into participating in that, pleas sound off in the comments; if we hit critical mass–let’s say a dozen people or more–we will go ahead and get that up and running! (And if someone else felt like taking point on that, we would be even more excited about it, because, this month, man.)

We’re still catching up on Patreon–a lot of thresholds hit at once this month–and having a blast putting together the first round of comics care packages. WE HOPE YOU LIKE TINY PLASTIC DINOSAURS AND GLITTER PAINT.





  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought a Corbeau trade was a great idea. And this extension gives me time to locate my glitter stash. Who knew a shoebox full of glitter could be this good at hiding. Maybe some sequins. POW!

  2. What the hell, I’m down. Provided the deadline’s not too strict. Podcasting X-Perts aren’t the only ones knee deep in chaos & I don’t want to let anyone down… Can’t say it’ll be the purdiest…

    1. YAYBO! And for what it’s worth–if there is ANY contest that’s gonna be graded on an effort curve, it’s this one.

  3. Thanks for extending the deadline! I forgot about it and with school and everything I could use the extra time.
    I would do a Corbeau trade. It would help if I knew what one looked like though.

    1. The image is at the top of the original contest post. The form and other details of the physical award–plaque, trophy, something else; &c.–are ultimately up to whoever makes it. Text should include the following: the name of the award (Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau Award for Excellence in X-Cellence), the year (2014), the category, and the honoree’s name (or handle, or group designation, or whatever).

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