Abs Mentioned in Episode 51 – The X-Istentialists, Featuring Kris Anka, Marguerite Bennett, Kieron Gillen, and Peter Nguyen

Listen to the episode here!


Special thanks to Elle Collins for the last-minute abs-sist.



  1. McArdle says:

    I used Namor MacKenzie as a celebrity in the game of the same name once, and was informed that nobody knows who Namor MacKenzie is, and thus cannot describe him. Jay Garrick was a bust, too. I guess I was playing with the wrong people.

  2. Els says:

    Hey guys, long-time listener, first time commenter and life-long Namor enthusiast here! Your latest as mentioned took me back to those windy winter nights when me and my flatmates would yell about how great Namor was to keep the cold at bay. With the one year anniversary coming up, I have to ask- whatever happened to your occasional Cyclops nickname, LAZERWOLF? You mentioned in the first episode that you would use the title when Scott deserved it, but I’ve yet to hear it mentioned in the podcast since outside of fanart. Does this mean that by your estimation, Scott has yet to achieve LAZERWOLF status?
    (good job lazerwolf has, incidentally, been the title of my phones playlist of your podcasts since it started. No regrets.)

  3. Paul Sammut says:

    Perfect Adventures in Babysitting reference Rachel! I punched the air when you said it!

  4. Lithera says:

    Ah Namor. He’s so fantastically himself and I love the weird bro-ish relationships he has with both Doom and Magneto.

  5. JocelynZombie says:

    Best. Compilation. EVER.

    (I really need to hunt down the collected trade of “First Mutant” and figure out what’s up with the octopus throne and the vampire bite.)

    (Aside: I was watching Disney Jr. with my daughter last night, and there’s a new “Big Block Sing-Song” about Octopus Pete, king of the sea and I really want to see him fight Namor now.)

    • Rachel says:

      That one’s a Curse of the Mutants tie-in–all the covers during that crossover were vampire-y. Can’t speak to the octopus throne, beyond the obvious and indisputable fact that octopus thrones are rad as hell.

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