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This weekend, we’ll be sitting down to record our Giant-Size Summer Special. As you may recall, our first Giant-Size Special was basically a suuuuuper long episode, but this one’s gonna be something else altogether:

Game writer and designer and friend of the podcast Logan Bonner has modified the amazing old Marvel Super Hero Adventures game to be played as it was never intended: in the spirit of the 90s animated series! And this weekend, he’s coming down from Seattle to run an adventure for us.

In addition to Logan, we’ll be joined at the gaming table by two guests: Mikey Neilson of Chronicles of the Nerds, and our very own AdministratriX Tina!

But first, we’ve got a job for you:


  1. I voted for Rachel as Storm and Miles as Rogue, because voices. I voted for a party of Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, and Rogue.

    This sounds like it will be an amazing episode!

        1. Literally every comeback I have to this violates my self-imposed rules for Shit I Don’t Talk About In Our Own Comments Section, but since it’d mostly be for your benefit anyway, you can just take ’em as read.

  2. It’s a Poor thing that we can’t pick Forge for Miles. Typical, really. It would have been Good to hear him play someone who matched him so closely. Excellent, even. At least getting to hear Rachel as Cyclops for an hour and a half will be Remarkable. This whole idea is Incredible. It’s Amazing how many fans that old Marvel Super Heroes RPG netted. Miles’ growl for Wolverine is Monstrous, so that’ll fit nicely. This whole experince promises to be so disjointed and amusing as to be Unearthly.

    I’m sorry, I can’t work Shift 0, X, Y, and Z into sentences. But you can’t cross the gap to the Class ranks under normal circumstances, so I’m just straight off the hook for those.

    1. Haha – I totally remember those ability ranks, but I think they’re from an older version of the game. Well done though.

      1. Gah. You’re right. Teach me to not click the hyperlinks.

        “Reed Richards’ Guide to Everything” is a fabulous book. One of the best RPG supplements ever written.

  3. If Dr. Doom does not at least make an appearance, I will still listen, but will will be slightly moping while I do so.

    1. My only complaint about this episode is that I have to play an X-Man instead of Doctor Doom. I mean, X-Men are cool and all, but a couple of hours of yelling about myself in the third person with a mechanized voice filter would be way better.

      1. I played in a super-villain RPG one-shot once where one of the other players played Doom. Just sitting around listing to him talk about himself in the third person was immensely fun even without the voice filter.

  4. I chose Storm for Rachel…love the God-like voice. And Gambit for Miles…I don’t think he can keep the accent up for that long. I chose Wolverine, Jubilee, Jean and Gambit as the team…sounded fun and childish.

  5. Whatever this ends up being, I hope Rachel’s Cyclops is there to stop it.

    (Actually, I’m good with any of the choices for her. But Miles must be Rogue.)

  6. Cool cameo, guys!

    I picked Storm for Rachel because of her delivery of that line, “I’ll have mushrooms…. WITH EXTRA CHEESE” in that one episode, and Rogue for Miles because of his consistently great readings of Rogue’s lines.

    My 4-character team is Storm, Rogue, Wolverine, and Jubilee. Wolverine and Jubes because I consistently enjoy Wolverine’s adventures with the teenage girl protege. Storm and Rogue because I think one of the highlights of the 90’s TV show is the portrayal of Storm and Rogue as really good friends.

  7. Waitwaitwait. How can you NOT be playing MEEN or one of the other characters from Kitty’s Fairy Tale? You have the stats now! Official published stats!!

    1. 1) Those aren’t animated series characters.
      2) Available characters are based on the adventures Logan has written.

  8. I picked Cyclops for Rachel (because of course); Rogue for Miles (because Rogue is awesome); and a party with Cyclops, Rogue, Storm, and Jubilee. Looking forward to the hilarity.

  9. No Colossus for the party choice? Does cameo Colossus even count? I mean, he did end the runaway tractor epidemic of 1992.

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