Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 41

Week of June 10, 2015 –

In which we become X-canon as hell, Hell’s Kitchen goes to Hell; and we finally pronounce Scott Koblish’s name right.

Inferno #2 (0:23)
*Secret Wars Journal #2 (3:31)
X-Men ’92 Infinite Comics #2 (6:08)

*Pick of the Week (9:56)

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  1. Do you think you guys X-Plain the X-Men in Battleworld, too? Like, are comics Rachel and Miles the ultimate X-perts on the X-men? Like, everything mutant-related on Battleword is knowledge comics-you have as much knowledge about it as Doom Himself, and that’s what Cassandra Nova has you for?

    Also were Harvey and Janet possibly sacrificed in that universe for you to take their places?

    Private headcanon for this is just increasing at worrying rates.

    1. We actually answer a question about that in Episode 62. (The short version is “kinda,” but it’s word-of-God canon, not text canon.)

  2. I think it’s possible that Harvey & Janet are behind some kind of alternate fourth wall, reviewing the Secret Wars event and X-Men ’92. I expect they’re delighted about the random appearance of these Rachel and Miles henchmen, and are dying for them to be fleshed out more. You know, Speculating on what their hobbies are, whether they have kids, and if they get together to play cribbage or backgammon with a subset of Cassandra Nova’s unnamed guards.

      1. Agreed! Because “Secret Wars Harvey & Janet X-plain the X-Men ’92” is a podcast I could totally get behind. Provided one of them has a decent “WHAT?!?” for cold opens…

  3. I only found your guys’ site very recently, but it was just soon enough that I caught your appearance in X-Men 92′ instantly. That’s gotta feel pretty cool!

  4. I had the widest smile when I saw your inclusion into the Marvel U (in whatever numbering that this will eventually given). And then in this episode you mentioned Harvey and Janet and I totally geeked out. I guess you’ve really built some inside-jokes thanks to your podcast. Can’t wait to see future and alternate universe iterations of Rachel and Miles…maybe with more accessories (pockets, belts, shoulder pads) and big BIG guns. Or Rachel and Miles Limbo AOA 2099!

  5. Did you know your cameo was coming before the issue came out? I loved how happy you both were when the video started. You both were beaming with excitement and pride.

  6. I was really hoping you guys were going to review that Battleworld Journey story. Really outstanding work by Spurrier. He’s become one of my favorite X-Men writers over the last few years as well.

    1. Wow. Battleworld Journey. That’s a terrible typo. And I wasn’t even on a phone. Congrats, me.

  7. I like to believe the S&P part of Cassandra Nova had its genesis in Cartoons, Lies, and Video Tape.

  8. Anyone happen to notice that, as of issue 2, Battleworld: Master of Kung Fu is shaping up to be, as improbable as this is, an X-Men book?

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