Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

All-New Marvel Preview

In which we walk through the newly announced post-Secret Wars X-lineup:

  • All-New X-Men (1:17)
  • Extraordinary X-Men (3:05)
  • Uncanny X-Men (4:24)
  • Old Man Logan (6:35)
  • All-New Wolverine (8:25)
  • X-Characters in Other Titles (10:06)


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  1. ..while I want to post clever and insightful commentary things, there’s only one thing that’s rattling around in my head and I really, really have to ask: Miles, is that a Thor troll on your shirt? A Thor.. kitten? ..Throg with whiskers and a horn?

    This is bugging me.

  2. I’m really bummed about Greg Land on Uncanny X-men. But kinda hoping you guys reconsider doing an episode shirtless (an episode of the reviews, not the podcast, obvs).

  3. I’m curious if there are specific female creators that you guys would have liked to see on the X-Line? G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite Bennett come to mind, although I know both of them have their hands full with other books coming up (A-Force, Ms. Marvel, Angela). Marvel’s also got Noelle Stevenson on Runaways, but I imagine she’s got lots of creator owned stuff that’s higher priority. Kelly Sue Deconnick seems to be gone to focus on creator-owned things.

    I’m wondering who else (and what artists) might be out there.

    1. I think Mariko Tamaki could do something great. She’s best known for her creator-owned work (such as Skim and This One Summer), but she’s also writing a Casey Jones/April O’Neil mini-series for IDW.

      1. I’ve been meaning to bring up Supermutant Magic Academy here. Jillian (Mariko’s cousin) says she hasn’t read any X-men but it felt so perfect.

    2. I’m kind of confused here: are you asking for a list of every woman who writes or draws comics well?

      1. Heh. Quick google-ing turns up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_female_comics_creators#Bronze_Age_and_Modern_Age

        My perception of the situation is that for big titles like these, Marvel likes to go with more “experienced” creators. In other words, people who have worked on multiple super-hero titles at either DC or Marvel. I was bummed out that I could only come up with 4-5 credible female names that really fit that criteria, and just assumed it was my own ignorance.

        At any rate, I was more curious in terms of blue sky, “wouldn’t it be cool if XYZ worked on an X-Book” style answers, rather than something comprehensive.

    3. I was hoping to see Kelly Thompson stick around after her run co-writing Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps. I know she is a long time x-fan.

  4. Hi Rachel and Miles,

    Thanks so much for discussing the previews. I was really hoping to hear your thoughts on the new X-books. I’m really excited for three out of the five: All-New X-Men, Extraordinary X-Men, and All-New Wolverine. They look so cool, and I’m glad Extraordinary X-Men has multiple female characters. Uncanny X-Men looks fascinating, though I don’t know if I’ll like an all-villain book or not. As for Old Man Logan, I don’t usually read solo-Logan books.

    I’m really excited about A-Force as well. I was reading Uncanny Avengers, and I’m considering whether Rogue being in the book is enough reason to read it or not.

    I’d love more of Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson on an X-book. Also, I’m thinking of Fiona Staples as an artist on an X-book. (I’m sure you have have more ideas. I’m just basing this on some of the few creators I know thus far.)

    Rachel: “They made a book for me.”

    I know how you feel. I was just thinking about this the other day, how it’s been so great to find comics that I feel like were made for me, made for people with my interests, preferences, etc. as the target audience. I have felt that way about Ms. Marvel especially. Based on the FCBD All-New All-Different Avengers story, that also sounds like something that is for me.

    1. To be fair, the trifecta of Greg Rucka + Cyclops solo ongoing + spaaaaace remains the pinnacle of moments when Marvel catered to the precise intersection of my priorities, but Hopeless on All-New comes pretty close.

      SO with you on Bennett and Wilson. And I pretty much want Staples to draw everything forever.

  5. I really hope there’s more unannounced titles than just what we already know about. Squirrel Girl is great, and I’d like to see it continue, or at least for that creative team to be working on something.(Not necessarily together.)

    I was also surprised at how dude-centric the creative line up is with these. Because of that I’m probably going to wait for most of the All New, All Different titles to show up on Marvel Unlimited.

  6. I know we have more books to be announced. I think we’re at 45 or the stated 60 that are coming (and likely /something/ is being saved for SDCC next week). Is there anyone that is missing that you’re going to miss? Anyone that has been visible recently that seems to be gone now?

    I can think of a few – Polaris, Gambit, Madelyne Pryor and any of the newer kids (Quentin Quire, Broo and such.)

    1. I really, really want the kids from the Jean Grey school (Wolverine & The X-Men, Spider-Man & The X-Men, not to mention some of the kids from Uncanny like Goldballs or Eva Bell) to land somewhere. I’m not adamant that they remain in a school setting, but the characters are too good in my mind to simply abandon. Some kind of New Mutants or New X-Men book with these kids just feeling their own way through All-New All-Different Marvel, with all the potential for successes, spectacular failures, and drama that would accompany them, is very high on my wishlist.

      1. Totally agreed. I really came to love those kids as characters. There have been a lot of ‘new generations’ of X-men but this is the first one that really stuck, for me, in a long time. A Runaways sort of book could be fun too. There are a lot of ways it could go and be excellent.

      2. I’m definitely with you on that. It seems like with every new generation of teenage X-Men created, half of them get lost in the ether after their school-based series ends. I’d hate to see that happen to the Jean Grey School and New Xavier School kids. Lots of great characters in there. At least if they do disappear for a while, there’s always hope that another writer will bring them back later like Ernst, No-Girl, and Hellion coming back in Spider-Man & The X-Men and Prodigy showing up in Young Avengers.

    2. @Katrina Lehto

      You reminded me: I’m really hoping that there will be some school story/Xavier-Grey School-Institute content in these books, maybe Extraordinary X-Men. I love stories with adult superheroes being teachers/mentors to the younger superheroes.

      1. Me too. I always like the legacy feeling of that, even if it isn’t directly so.

        Also – Also have we seen Rachel anywhere?

        1. There’s a version of her leading the X-Men in X-Tinction Agenda. Hard to know if it’s the 616 version or not. I can’t remember seeing her in the previews either though, if that’s what you mean.

    3. I want to see more of the original New Mutants in books. So far it looks like Sunspot is the only one accounted for in All-New All-Different Marvel.

      1. Magik is listed too…. she’s not an original member per se, but she’s a member of the “Classic 9”

    1. I that the internet hadn’t told me about Land’s tracing and recycling. I might not have noticed otherwise, but now it’s all I can see when I read his comics. Still enjoying Future Imperfect so far though, so hopefully I can manage to enjoy his upcoming X-work.

  7. Not sure where else to post this but this thread is most relevant…
    So my totally irrational wishlist for post secret wars –
    1) Get all characters aged how Marvel wants them to be aged (all school age kids – school aged) 60s-80s X-Men in their 30s; New Mutants + Kitty, Rachel etc – 20s
    2) Bring back all characters to life unless integral to story (see Thunderbird I, Uncle Ben). I believe there are no such thing as bad characters and would love the possibility of them finding new life. (Ok I really just want Banshee brought back into regular continuity)
    3) Have only one version of each person (not complaining about multiple spider-mans or wolverines but would like one Scott Summers, one Jean Grey, etc) – obviously these previews show that this is already not going to happen haha.

    As I said not realistic and highly subjective but I would love it to happen

      1. I know. I don’t know what I named her when Hank, Warren or Bobby would have been more apropos. And I like the 05 teens a lot!
        And to illustrate how irrational all my views are, I also am glad with the prospect of fewer titles and think the line should focus on writing fewer x-characters really well (as opposed to throwing everyone in periodically and developing very few of them).

  8. I was with Rachel when it comes to Uncanny.

    It’s got Cullen Bunn writing it. That’s good!
    But it has Greg Land on art. That’s bad…
    There’s Magneto, Mystique, and Sabertooth! That’s good!
    Oh, there’s Psylocke and Phantomex. That’s bad.
    The toppings contain potassium benzoate.

    *Looks confused*

    That’s bad.

    1. I’m going to take the same approach I did with Mighty Avengers — wait for Land to get shuffled off the book and replaced with somebody who isn’t the worst artist in comics bar none, at which point I should be able to catch up with the first arc or two via Unlimited or message boards and jump in to support the new person.

      1. Bieng honest to myself and everyone, I…. Love Greg Land “art”. I know he draw all the same faces for everyone and he doesn’t know how to draw womens younger or older of their 20’s, but I like the way he pencils the hair and his action secuences. Althouhgt, my likeness for him and his art could originate from the fact that one of the first comics I started buying were “Phoenix: Endsong”.

  9. Disappointed at the extent to which they seem to be determined to forget nearly all the young characters they’ve introduced since 1963, to make way for a series about four of the original five (and the four white, male members of the team at that… though I suppose one of them is gay) plus X-23″.

    Two New Mutants in total? Not one character from Generation X?

    You most likely have more info than I do, but the Human Torch on the Uncanny Inhumans _may_ be Toro rather than Johnny Storm, as Toro was was revealed to be an, unaware, Inhuman in James Robinson’s recent Invaders run.

  10. Rachel’s expression when Miles described Land’s art as ‘photorealistic’ was brilliant.

  11. I’ve been going through volumes of Essential X-Men recently, and its amazing how many more women were in the credits than there are now. Glynis Oliver/Wein colored EVERYTHING for years. Louise Jones and Ann Nocenti were usually in the editor’s seat. They may not have gotten to write as often, (until they started to pry side books from Claremont’s grabby hands), and pencil not at all, but at least they had input.

    I would really love to see an interview with Glynis. According to comicvine she’s credited in 1795 issues. That’s a legacy.

    1. Not all mutants are X-Men. They’re a specific superhero group, not a general term for all the mutants in the Marvel universe.

    2. Actually no – his healing power is from Weapon X experimentation, unless it got retconned. That’s kind of the story of his life – always X-Men adjacent, but never actually one of them.

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